Things To Know About The Latest Copa America Points Table, Teams, History

Copa America points table

Just a year ago people witnessed one of the finest Copa America editions of all time. Argentina won the tournament in a grand fashion in the 47th edition of Copa America. From the look of the Copa America points table, we can tell how amazing the season was.

According to the sources, the contest was to take place in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the authorities had to shift it to 2021. But, the covid outbreak didn’t pose any problem in the 2021’s edition as the teams played really well.

Copa America points table

Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that 10 South American teams participated in the contest. Brazil hosted the 47 edition of Copa America and BBC broadcasted 28 games as well.

So, the contest began on the 13th of June with Brazil vs Venezuela. Needless to say, the whole contest was amazing as the teams played to their strengths. However, one of the teams had to clinch the crown. Well, the last team, it was Argentina’s time when they defeated their rivals Brazil to win Copa America 47th Edition.

If you want to know more about Copa America’s 47th edition, then you are at the right place. Here you will find everything that you need to know. For instance, we will share some riveting facts like Copa America points table, the final match’s result, the teams that participated, etc.

Why Did The Tournament Move?

Copa America points table

Fans of football look forward to the major tournaments and we have to say, Copa America is one of those. Copa America or Conmebol Copa America as we know it, is one of the top men’s football tournaments in the world. It’s played among the national teams from South America, like Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, etc. Moreover, we also have to mention that it’s one of the oldest still running football contests around the globe.

Needless to say, it’s one of the most historic tournaments that football lovers watch. According to the sources, the 47th edition of Copa America 2021 was set to be hosted by more than one country for the first time since the year 1983. However, now Brazil will host this contest for the second time in a row.

So, why did the tournament move in the first place? Well, the authorities took the games of Columbia off in May due to the civil unrest. People held a series of protests against their country’s government. So, that’s why Columbia couldn’t host the tournament. In turn, Argentina offered to host all the matches.

However, just two weeks before the opening game, they announced that they couldn’t host the matches. The body of Conmebol addressed that they removed Argentina as host because of the circumstances. Since the country was facing a huge amount of Covid cases, it was a wise decision indeed.

So, that’s why Brazil took the initiative and hosted the whole contest for the second time in a row.

Copa America points table & The Teams That Played In The Contest

Well, before we move to Copa America points table, let’s talk about the teams that took part in the tournament. As we said earlier, South American teams play in this competition. In other words, Copa America usually features 12 teams. 2 guest nations, one from North America and another from Asia are invited to play alongside 10 teams from South America.

Copa America points table

So, in 2021, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru Venezuela ( Group A) and Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay( Group B) played the contest.

Now, all of us know about the result. Yes, it was Argentina, who defeated their rivals, Brazil 1-0 in the final. With this win, Argentina secured their first senior title since the 1993 edition of Copa America.

The Copa America points table for 2021 shows Argentina at the top with 10 points on Group A. The following teams are Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Bolivia. Moreover, the winner of Group B is Brazil, followed by Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

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