Life Story Of Thomas Daffron: The Supportive Husband Of Senator Susan Collins

Thomas Daffron

If you are interested in keeping yourselves updated with news of international affairs and political news, you must have surely heard the name, Thomas Daffron, Senator Susan Collin’s husband. As you know, Senator Collins is a Republican Senator. In fact, she is representing the state of Maine since 1997.

However, it is her husband that we are going to talk about right here. Despite, being the Senator’s husband, Thomas Daffron is a lobbyist. In fact, he also worked as a chief operating officer at a reputed company in Washington DC. At the same time, he was always supportive of his wife and helps her out in managing political affairs. 

So if you are curious to know more about the life of Thomas Daffron, you can stay tuned to this blog. We will be discussing everything right here. 

Who Is Thomas Daffron?

As you know, Thomas Daffron is the husband of Republican Senator Susan Collins. However, other than that identity, Daffron has an identity of his own. He was a lobbyist and worked as the CEO at Jefferson Consulting Group in Washington DC. In fact, he had worked there for a long time, from 2006-2016. So you can well understand that he himself is also highly successful like his wife.

As per his personal details, he is 72 years old presently. In fact, he had completed his education at the University of Maine and Brown University. Unfortunately, we do not come to know anything more than these details.

Who Is Thomas Daffron

Was Thomas Daffron A Part Of The Political World?

Well, a lot of our readers might have this question on their minds, that whether Thomas Daffron too was a part of politics like his wife. You are at the right place as we will be discussing all details regarding it right here.

As per reports, Daffron consulted on Collin’s 1996, 2002, and 2008, Senate campaigns. So you can well understand that he provided his complete support to his wife. At the same time, he was also a member of the Stennis Center’s Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program. It was the 105th year of Congress. 

This experience, he had here was like practical and bipartisan leadership development. Moreover, it was for the senior-level staff of the US Congress. So you can well understand that Thomas Daffron was indeed a part of politics. 

When Did Susan & Thomas Daffron First Meet?

As per reports, Daffron first met Senator Susan Collins in 1974. At that time, she was just an intern in the office of Rep. William Cohen. After dating each other for a while, the couple married in August 2012. As for the wedding venue, it was at the Gray Memorial United Methodist Church in Maine. In fact, since then we could see the power couple together on several occasions. 

Moreover, Daffron is a very supportive husband. He had also served as a consultant on Collin’s 1996, 2002, and 2008 Senate campaigns. At the same time, he also ran leadership PAC from 2003 till 2012, when they married. Later on, the couple had bought a $705,000 townhouse in Washington. 

Is The FBI Presentky Investigating Daffron’s Wife?

Yes, as per the news the FBI is presently investigating a massive scheme to illegally finance Senator Collins’ 2020 re-election bid. In fact, an unsealed search warrant application shows that the FBI probably has evidence that a defense contractor, Navatek, illegally financed Collins’ re-election bid with $150,000.

As you know, as per the rules of the campaign laws it prohibits donors from making contributions in the other’s name. At the same time, it also bans federal government contractors from donating. So presently the Feds are keenly investigating Senator Collin’s case. We are yet to see if anything major happens or not.

Summing it Up

As we conclude, we can say that both Thomas Daffron and his wife Susan Collins are highly successful. At times, certain problems might crop up, when you are in such an important position. However, if both of them are together they will surely be able to overcome anything that comes their way.

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