Five Tips to Help you Progress in Your Nursing Career

Nursing Career

A career in nursing is not just about making a difference in other people’s lives with your work; it is rewarding in many ways. It provides opportunities to excel in your life, a secure job, and a consistent flow of income to make ends meet. The only prerequisite for you is to be ready to learn and make efforts. If you are prepared to learn new skills and advance in your career with more expertise, you will see new opportunities pouring in from left and right. If you like travelling you can start looking for jobs for travel nurses to find new horizons and amazing opportunities.

Today, the time is right because, more than ever, healthcare requires specialized frontline workers. Of course, nurses are an undeniable part of the frontline force of healthcare. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, there is a dire need for 1.1 million skilled registered nurses to fill the shortages. There is also a severe shortage of nurse leaders. You can fill the gap, help the healthcare sector and simultaneously acquire more success in your nursing career. With some carefully planned steps, no one can stop you from achieving the next level in your career. If you don’t know where to start, you can look at the list below of carefully curated tips to help you progress in your nursing career. 

Enroll in an advanced degree course

If you have been working as a nurse with a bachelor’s degree, it is time to enroll in an advanced degree, let’s say a master’s or a master’s leading to Ph.D. However, if you are concerned about the duration of a master’s degree and are probably wondering how long does it take to get a masters in nursing you will be relieved to learn that it typically takes under two years, depending on your schedule. You can even opt for an online course, where you are the driver of your study program. Depending on your pace, you can complete the degree program in less than two years. Investing in your education can be quite rewarding because an additional degree or a relevant certification will open the doors to many opportunities. For example, completing an MSN education degree allows you to use your knowledge and expertise to teach students working to become RN’s.

Develop your network

Working in the nursing field is mainly about administering medicine and taking care of patients. However, it is about developing contacts and networking as well. So, always capitalize on the opportunities when you get a chance to express your views or ideas. Make your thoughts more apparent where you think they will be most valuable. For instance, conferences and seminars where professionals from other healthcare facilities also participate is the ideal place to do so. Networking can play a huge role in opening new vistas of career advancements.  

Find the right mentor for yourself

Progress needs inspiration and having a good mentor is essential if you want to climb the success ladder. So, find your mentor according to your interest and aspirations. You might have a lot of theoretical learning and work experience, but there is always room for improvement. There is no denying that we learn from our mistakes, but it does not mean we have to make mistakes. If you find someone who has already gone through similar circumstances, it is better to take their help than waste time in trial and error. The right mentor will help you learn from their experience and avoid their mistakes. 

Finding the right mentor and building a good relationship might take some time. Still, once you identify the person, the subsequent steps may become less bumpy. Making small conversations, sharing your ideas, and taking their advice in day-to-day matters can be an excellent start to a long and fruitful mentor-mentee relationship. 

Never let go of your professionalism

Professionalism is integral to excelling in any career. Respecting your patient, being honest about your job, maintaining the confidentiality of your patient’s data are some aspects that highlight your professionalism. With your professional attitude, you will see more opportunities coming your way. In addition, you will get preference over your colleagues for jobs where you are expected to represent your workplace. 

Improve your communication skills

Effective communication skill is an undeniable part of most jobs. To excel in your career, you must have exceptional communication skills. Otherwise, you might not be able to present your views or ideas before a crowd or work in collaborative teams. You can polish your communication skills by engaging with people, solving daily problems, and discussing your ideas with peers and close friends. 


The opportunity to achieve success will always arise when you have acquired adequate knowledge regardless of where you currently are in your career. You can always ascend to the next steps on your career ladder with proper guidance and initiatives. The healthcare sector is changing at a fast pace.

Thus, it requires and rewards people who can meet its pace. It needs professional nurses ready to take up new learning opportunities and play their part in improving service delivery and patient outcomes. The tips mentioned above can help nurses who feel their job has become stagnant over time. Taking up initiatives like developing a network with people inside and outside the workplace, honing your problem solving and communication skills, and investing in your education can help you go a long way in your nursing career. If you are searching for a job at the moment, please check the nursing current openings at Jooble.

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