What Makes You Stand Out From Other Candidates? Know How To Answer This Tricky Interview Question

Interview Question

Attending interviews can be stressful. You must answer the interview questions honestly, not blurt out some not-so-good answers. At the same time, you must prove that you are a suitable candidate for the job. To know about your skills and individuality, there are questions that an interviewer may ask. The interviewer may ask this direct question – What makes you stand out from the other candidates? 

It is tricky because you must be humble about sharing your talents. But you also must show the interviewer you have the right talents and skills. So what can you do? 

Find out the amazing tips to answer this question to crack the interview.  

Why does the interviewer ask this question? 

You know that when you are applying for a job, you are not the only applicant applying for it. There are also other fine candidates. You have to compete with people having similar skills and educational qualifications. The hiring managers meet with many candidates daily, so you must make a lasting impression on them. Plus, you have to show what you can do to help the company to grow. 

That is why to allow you to introduce yourselves, the interviewers ask what makes you different from the other candidates. It is the chance you can use to discuss your skills and talents. 

How to frame the right answer? 

  • Form a strategic plan 

Before going to the interview, prepare well for this question. Read through the job description and mark the skills that you are great at. Then form a plan to answer this question based on the skills the job requires. If you need to know the job description, the hiring managers can find it by your answers.

 So in your answers, use the key terms in the job description and share what you can offer the company in that area through your work. 

  • Compare your unique background to the job requirements

After you understand the job description and the position requirements, prepare some details about your background. Do you have any prior experience similar to the requirements in the job description? Share it with the hiring managers. It can set you apart from the other candidates because if you already have some experience, you will be a good candidate. 

You can start this way: “I know from the job description that you are looking for a candidate with data entry and analysis experience. So I have great experience in excel as I created tables and recorded data each month hence I can contribute more to the role”. 

So you can compare your experience to the job requirements. 

  • Keep it professional 

You can tell some stories about yourself for this question. But only spend a little time elaborating on it, and always be professional. It is important because if you are not careful, you may share many personal details about yourself. Prepare to talk about business-related experiences only. Stay within the topic. 

  • Don’t be laconic in your reply 

A single affirmative statement like – “Yes I think I stand out from the other candidates” is not enough. You have to speak more. Relate your experiences in clear sentences. Share everything as you really mean it, and also be interesting. If you only use a few words to say something about yourself, the interviewer may assume you are not confident. It will not give a good impression. Therefore follow this tip when replying to all the interview questions. 

  • Be confident and conclude

Through these questions, the interviewer checks if you are confident, humble and self-aware. So you have to answer the question directly with confidence. Show that you are motivated to do the job and eager for a new opportunity. 

What mistakes to avoid when answering? 

It is a question where you should prove your skills to the interviewer. It is time to share everything you did, frankly. Feel free to answer the question because the hiring managers will think you are unaware of your abilities and skills.

The interviewers will also have other fine candidates with well-prepared answers. So you have to make yourself as unique as possible. If you have the right skills, share how you can use them as a good company employee. 

Final thoughts 

What makes you stand out from other candidates? It is a great question, even though you must put a lot of thought into answering it. But don’t worry, if you are honest, frank and confident, you can make a good impression on your hiring managers.