Commercial Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Removal Services

A business that provides commercial snow removal services in Calgary will be familiar with the various types of contracts. For example, a fixed-fee contract may have a cap on the number of trips that are required to clear the snow pile. A variable-fee contract may have no cap or an upper limit, but the company may incur higher costs if the storm is larger than anticipated. Regardless of the type of contract, it’s important to ask for a blueprint of the area being cleaned, as it can help you determine the best method of operation.

Many businesses in Calgary have commercial properties, and keeping them safe during the winter months is a must. While plowing may be a cheaper option, commercial snow removal services are a necessity for these properties, so it’s important to have the right equipment and expertise for the job. If you have a business that requires extensive snow removal or salting, you should hire a company with a dedicated crew and use machinery designed for moving large volumes of snow.


When it comes to planning, a commercial snow removal company’s team will have a lot more details to consider. For example, a hospital’s parking lot may be a square mile, and clearing it will require more planning than a single parking lot. A company that has experience in the field should be able to plan for all scenarios, including hazard mitigation and different zones. A business that relies on snow removal for a large number of buildings will need more planning than a one-acre parking lot. A well-rounded team will also know how to deal with hazardous situations.


A commercial snow removal company will also ensure that the snow is piled correctly and that there are no dangerous obstacles for pedestrians and vehicles. Whether you work on a large-scale project or a residential property, commercial snow removal companies will be able to keep your property safe. Choosing the right contractor will help you build a reputation as a leader in the snow removal industry. The contractor will provide the proper equipment and will be able to take action as soon as the weather forecasts call for snow.

Flexible Services

Having a snow removal company for your business is a must if you have a high-end property that requires professional maintenance. While you might want to hire a small company for residential snow removal, you can hire a large one for commercial snow removal. If you have several buildings that require constant service, you may want to opt for a full-service contract or a per-time service. Both of these options are beneficial for your business, and it’s important to choose a company that offers flexible service.

When hiring a snow removal company for your business, make sure to find one that is insured for commercial snow removal. Usually, a contractor should have a multimillion-dollar liability policy. If a company has a small-volume operation, a one-million-dollar liability insurance is not enough. The contractor should also be insured for multiple-million-dollar losses. If an employee is injured on the job, the insurance company will pay for repairs.