How To Recruit For Agriculture Jobs In Australia

Agriculture Jobs In Australia

There are many people in Australia looking for jobs. And, with the country’s vast tracts of fertile land and abundant resources, there are plenty of opportunities to get work in agriculture. But how do you find these job openings? What steps should you take to create a great resume? How can you best sell yourself during an interview process? This blog post will answer all your questions about finding employment in Australian agriculture.

Locating job postings

As with most independent jobs, the best place to start your search for Australian agriculture recruitment is on the internet. The site has a comprehensive listing of current and open positions in many forms and scales of agricultural and land-based work. You can also try searching other sites such as:


Although not the most popular method, Australia has a strong tradition of advertising agricultural openings in newspapers and trade journals to reach a wider audience of qualified applicants for specific positions within the industry including:

  • farm managers
  • shearers
  • farm hands
  • irrigation specialists

Employers will often place ads in these types of publications for jobs lasting anywhere from a week to several months, due to the transient nature of many agricultural roles.

A more detailed account of information on finding employment through these channels is available here. If you are interested in working in the Australian agriculture industry, this post is a highly recommended reading.

Creating a resume

When applying for any job, you will always need to submit a resume containing your personal information and relevant background/qualifications for that position. This document is also extremely important in regards to securing employment within the agricultural sector of Australia which has very strict guidelines in regards to the safety and welfare of workers. This is because:

  • Workers in the agricultural industry are often required to work at great heights and with heavy machinery.
  • The nature of the job can expose workers to extremes of weather, poor air quality, and even animal hazards.

Since these jobs require people who can think on their feet and react quickly to new situations, Australian agriculture employers are known to favor applicants with prior experience within the industry. This is especially true of more remote, isolated areas where only the most experienced workers will be willing to take on these types of jobs due to less access (compared to larger cities) to amenities like shopping centers and public transport. However, having prior agricultural work experience is not a prerequisite to finding employment in the industry.

Interview Process

Once you have made it past the initial stage of applying for jobs in Australia’s agricultural sector, there are several steps you need to follow if you want to secure a position as quickly as possible.

Preparing for the interview: The first thing you need to do if you want to land a job in Australia’s agricultural industry is to prepare carefully for your interview.

It is also important to prepare questions you need to ask during the interview process so that you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and commitment to helping the company meet its short and long-term goals.

Dress appropriately for the interview: The agricultural industry is known for being very environmentally conscious which means that companies are usually quite willing to hire applicants who show a willingness to embrace these values in their everyday lives. You should also avoid wearing makeup or perfume during your interview so as not to offend other applicants with allergies, and ensure that your clothes are clean, pressed, and well-fitted.

Start the Job

After passing your interview, you will be offered a position in the agricultural industry and provided with information on what your duties and responsibilities will be so that you can start work as quickly as possible.


Finding a job in the agricultural sector of Australia requires patience and discipline, but is not nearly as difficult as some people believe. This is because a person’s ability to find a job in agriculture in Australia depends on how they represent themselves. If you are interested in taking on an adventure in this kind of work, follow the advice contained in this article to start securing your place working with the most profitable industry in Australia.

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