Boutiques in Collierville, TN That Shine

Boutiques in Collierville

What could you possibly need from Boutiques In Collierville, TN to really make them stand out? How about a boutique that made a practice, a habit out of offering original, captivating designs and refused to follow any competitor’s lead. How about a boutique that offered much more than interesting, new designs in clothing. A boutique that offers shoes, jewelry and other accessories to top off those styles would be a good match as well. What if that boutique sold goods for the home? What if that boutique sold kitchenware like place settings and stoneware as well? We’d say that would be one of those boutiques in Collierville, TN that really stand apart. That boutique is Southern Muse.

Original, Unique Clothing

The first thing you’ll just love about Southern Muse is the fact that there’s nothing stale in their lineup. Their first ideal is a commitment to offering the discerning dresser with original, unique designs from some of the most highly coveted designers. Right in their online boutique, you will find dresses by She & Sky, PJ Salvage, Tart, Young Fabulous & Broke and many, many more.

Boutiques in Collierville

You’ll find tops and outerwear by YFB, Joy Joy, Esqualo, Jade and others. If you are interested in some of the unique styles that modern designers can offer you in jeans and pants, take a look at their Krazy Larry Pants and Black Orchid Jeans. They offer jumpsuits, rompers, skirts, blouses and even sleepwear right on their site at, and of course in their store in Collierville, Tennessee.

Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories

While it’s quite refreshing enough to find among the boutiques in Collierville, TN one that makes a habit of offering unique and novel styles in clothing and dress, Southern Muse has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve. They don’t stop with an original wardrobe. They bring that talent for offering original designs to other areas of their business as well – at Southern Muse, you can find shoes, jewelry and accessories too.

By the way, you can expect that original spirit that colors their portfolio of clothing to pervade their collection of accessories as well. With shoes in unique designs from Vince Camuto, Chinese Laundry and more as well as jewelry and accessories to complete your outfit, Southern Muse is a one of a kind boutique.

Goods for Your Home

Southern Muse is also unique in that it offers plenty of goods and decor for your home. While you might have expected a boutique to offer wonderfully scented candles, you might not have expected them to offer wall decor, lighting, throw pillows and much more. You can use the sense of style you get from Southern Muse to color your wardrobe – and you can also use it to color your interior design.

Kitchenware and More

It doesn’t stop at housewares with Southern Muse. You can set your table with class and poise when you shop their online store. You won’t only have access to exquisite silverware and place settings at Southern Muse, but you’ll also find glassware and stoneware from Casafina that you can use to take your entertainment to the next level.

So visit to get your first impression of the styles you can find among their clothing and goods for the home. You’ll be impressed by what you’ll find there, but if you want the full effect of Southern Muse charm, then the clear option is to visit their boutique in Collierville, TN. Part of the joy of discovering a hidden gem is the fact that it was hidden, and words will fail to tell you of the surprises waiting for you in their boutique.