This Is How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacement Windows

Have your windows seen better days, and you think it’s time to replace them? Then one concern you might have is choosing the kind of windows you need.

It’s undeniable that replacement windows are an important investment for your house. Better energy efficiency, architectural appeal, natural lighting, and increased value of your home are benefits you get by replacing your old windows.

But there’s one problem you must overcome: choosing the right replacement windows from a wide range of options in the market.

To help you come out of this dilemma, we have prepared a list of things to consider when choosing replacement windows for your home.

Why Replace Windows?

As mentioned earlier, there are various factors that can make it necessary to replace the windows. Here, we discuss them in more detail. 

It’s Time You Did

Go around the house inspecting your windows and confirm if any signs of rot, breakage, or warping are visible. If so, it’s time to buy replacement windows.

Old windows will, if not already, let the air in, flaunt one or two malfunctions, and mercilessly kill your home’s curb appeal. 

Conserving Energy and Saving You Money

A modern set of windows provides better insulation. During summer, cool air is well preserved while heat remains inside during the winter days.

With proper window replacement, you find yourself saving on bills because you make less use of the A/C system.

Window Design for More Security

Your windows, if securely installed, can keep away burglars. Besides, if not burglars trying to break in, an accident could occur. But with the new film technology in window making, a windowpane shatters into tiny pieces instead of big chunks.

You may want to substitute windows with the same style and design when replacing an old window. Instead, to give your home a fresh look, you can select a replacement window in a completely new manner. See below the primary window styles to choose from:

  • Double-hung: A common choice for a quick washing, double-hung windows slide up and down, and most tilt-in
  • Sliders: Comparable to double hanging windows, except they slide horizontally
  • Bays: These windows give a bold statement and add glamour to your space
  • Bows: Close to bays, bow windows have subtle curves, bringing charm to your house, not pointed angles
  • Garden: This choice offers any space the ideal position to highlight plants, grow herbs, or simply to let in sunlight

How to Pick the Right Replacement Windows

How do you know which replacement windows best fit your needs? Follow these steps to make the right choice. 

What Framing Material to Choose

The first thing to identify would be which frame material will better fit your needs when selecting your home’s windows. Many considerations, such as shape, longevity, and insulation quality, come into play with each material.

Overall, when choosing a set of frames, you get four framing materials choices.


Fiberglass is a reliable and visually diverse material, and one of the newer choices on the market for window frames. Various modern homeowners prefer fiberglass, as it imitates the quality of other materials such as wood.

Fiberglass frames are climate-resistant and offer a wide range of temperate zones with decent insulation. Unlike wood, don’t paint or dye fiberglass because its original color remains the material.


Aluminum window frames were the standard for many decades as wood. While wood is still a perennial favorite, aluminum is increasingly out of favor as fiberglass and vinyl grow.

The issue with aluminum is how it offers inadequate insulation. Additionally, in the winter season, it leaves the house very cold. You will see aluminum window frames today primarily in both residential and industrial buildings.


Are you looking for style and class? Well, meet vinyl window frames, primarily seen on the windows of modern homes and buildings. Much like fiberglass, vinyl doesn’t require painting, coating, or maintenance in any way whatsoever. 

Many individuals also prefer vinyl because of its insulating properties, which enable them to save more energy.

On the downside, vinyl is prone to fading over time due to ultraviolet rays.


Windows built of wooden frames offer a natural look that most homeowners enjoy. As a raw material used for centuries in architecture, wood frames have insulation and typically last on a given property for many generations of tenants.

You can paint or varnish wood in various color combinations and to match your interior designs.


How much do replacement windows cost? It’s a frequently asked question but has no straightforward answer. The price will vary depending on various factors.

Quality is the main factor that determines the cost. It goes without saying that the higher the quality, the higher the price.

The other factor is the frame material. The most common options are wood and vinyl. And even if they’re of the same quality, the prices will be different.

Boost the Curb Appeal

Although it is a significant expense to replace the windows, it pays off with better curb appeal. Your windows are the focal point of your home, and it will help enhance your house’s appearance, both inside and out, by choosing the right window’s design, material, and color.

With new curtains, incorporating visual interest means killing two birds with one stone: your house looks fantastic and works for your family more effectively.

According to a survey by The National Association of Home Builders, improving the curb appeal will also improve property value. Besides, energy-efficient windows are among the top 10 features that developers are likely to have in new homes.

The study says that homeowners can spend more on a house that decreases their utility expenses.

This means that the proper replacement of energy-efficient windows will save you money now and in the future.

Making the Family More Comfortable With Replacement Windows

Your house is your safe harbor and where you make precious memories. Ensure it is convenient with every single minute you spend inside. New windows allow in more daylight and help reduce noise, mainly if you live near a highway.

Modern replacement windows have improved UV protection, shielding your children from ultraviolet rays, and protecting your furniture from fading. New windows often mean less maintenance. Thorough washing, repainting, and refinishing are the case for older, more conventional frames.

You will feel more comfortable enjoying the conveniences of your home with modern, sturdy window sets.

Maintenance and Washing

It is essential to care for and repair every part of your home; this includes your windows. Its frame material and design can determine how you clean your windows. Vinyl is one of the simplest kinds of material to maintain; no sanding or repainting is necessary.

Are you looking for beautiful, energy-efficient windows? Well, Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement will help you find your best windows.

Installation Duration

Ask the retailer of the new window how long it’ll take to install. How many people will be involved?

The effect that snowfalls have on window installation is something that the house owners do not often consider. Windows contractors are liable for the installation but not for removing snow around the building or the walls. It is the landlord’s duty, including field clearing.

Installation or post-installation services may also create complications. Consider usability when preparing for window replacement.

The information above allows you and your family to make necessary adjustments if the work is more than anticipated.

Construction Quality

Seek replacement windows that ensure weathertight construction. By making sure the windows are already fusion-welded for reliability and longevity, you’ll get outstanding craftsmanship. Look for glass that is effective at trapping harmful UV rays.

According to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors, window replacement is one of the most substantial home remodeling projects in ROI.

You will recover 80% of the project expense in additional home value with average-quality vinyl windows. If you want to sell your home, it is an added value of $12,000.

Your Windows Tell a Story

Work with a team of experienced installers for your replacement windows—a team is expertly trained to install their own windows brand. For most homeowners, this is the most straightforward alternative.

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