How To File A Ride Share Insurance Claim?

Ride Share Insurance
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Accidents do happen more frequently than we would like it to be, and most of the time it is in the form of vehicular accidents that can leave serious injuries and even the loss of life. With the kind of traffic congestion that the state of New York has, car crash accidents appear to be much more commonplace. With the advent of ride share apps and companies, it gets easier for people to commute using cars rather than taking the subways and trains.

This would mean that more cars are combing through the streets of the city, and with that, the occurrence of car accidents are also increasing. Nobody knows when an accident will happen and this is why having insurance is important, as it provides protection and relief for those injured and damaged properties from the accident. The ease and access to riding share apps and the potential for earning money in becoming a ride share driver have driven the ride share industry to success.

More people are using the app and requesting rides than those who are riding taxis and other public means of transportation. The app and service had become so popular that the apps seem to have taken a life of their own, we now refer to an Uber or Lyft rather than taking a taxi. Moreover, since vehicles and drivers are independent of the app, there are no overhead and maintenance costs for the rideshare companies, and the drivers can take home higher pay than taxi drivers.

It would seem that very quickly most taxi drivers have shifted to becoming ride share contractors. It is also apparent that there is no downtime for the ride share apps and services, the time when taxis in the city will no longer be a familiar site will come sooner than expected. 

Ride Share Vehicular Accidents

Since the increase in the number of ride share app users and independent contractors, the possibility for a car crash involving ride share vehicles is very high. When this happens, it becomes problematic in the sense that the ride share app companies will say that they are not liable for the accident and the injuries sustained by a passenger since the company only provides a platform and they do not own the vehicles and the drivers are independent contractors.

In truth, the ride share app companies can still be held accountable for the accident and those involved in it since the vehicle and driver, and passengers are still under their service. With a personal vehicle, it is easy to establish who is the at-fault driver and the insurance information needed is readily available, but for a ride share vehicle, it is much more complicated and will require several pieces of evidence and information before an insurance claim can even be considered.

It is important, however, to know what it is that you need to do and prepare for when you are involved in a rideshare car accident. As mentioned earlier, ride share vehicular accidents are fairly common and you are bound to experience them, the only question is when. It may come tomorrow, or maybe a year after, or maybe not at all, but having a steady mind and keeping calm will help you get the needed information for your insurance claims.

Going through an accident during a morning rush or going home after a night of partying is not something you would wish onto someone, but the possibility of it happening to you is very real. 

Filing Ride Share Accident Claims 

It is very easy for a ride share app company to say that they cannot be held accountable for whatever their drivers and vehicles get into during a transport request because they do not own the vehicles and the drivers are independent contractors, but still, in legal terms, the company can be held liable and the state has mandated that Transportation Network Companies shall provide insurance coverage of at least $75,000 per passenger and $150,000 per occurrence in the event of an accident, and at least $1,000,000 for each passenger trip from the approval of the request to when the passenger is dropped off.

Thus, this would mean that the ride share companies do have insurance, and passengers who become injured in a vehicle accident involving a ride share vehicle can file for just compensation for the injuries they sustained. Moreover, the ride share app company also requires that the independent contractors they have must have their insurance coverage and that of their vehicles, thus, there is no way that they will not have insurance coverage. On the other hand, knowing that the ride share app company and vehicle have insurance is entirely different from having to file an insurance claim against it. For this, you would need an expert and experienced lawyer who will work tirelessly for your benefit. 

Getting Help in Filing Ride Share Insurance Claims 

The legality of the liabilities of the ride share app companies and their independent contractors can be a bit tricky, but a good lawyer who has had years of experience with ride share app companies will be able to provide you with the most advantageous options and will see to it that you get what is just and fair for your condition.

It is a reality that sustaining injuries after an accident will have far more reaching effects than just the injuries, it could mean missed work opportunities, medical bills, maintenance medication, rehabilitation, and even a decrease in one’s quality of life. The best lawyers will probably get you paid for the injuries you sustained, but the excellent ones will get you more than just that and all the other compensations that are due to you.

If you want to have better chances of getting your claim approved, then you must talk to a lawyer that specializes in this kind of insurance claim. You can even book a consultation for free and see for yourself whether it will be a good fit for you and whether the firm will have your interests at heart. The lawyer will help you prepare for the claims filing by making sure that your evidences are correct and accurate and will really describe the kind of injuries you sustained.