What It’s Like At Koopman Lumber & Hardware Retailer Rating?

Koopman Lumber & Hardware Retailer Rating

These days the job market has become quite pervasive enough for many opportunities. In fact, in every sector, you will see steady employment going on. Especially, if you are someone who’s looking for a job in the hardware retail sector, then you are in luck. Companies like Koopman Lumber provide amazing scope where you can fully grow as an employer. In fact, the Koopman lumber & hardware retailer rating shows amazing numbers for you to try it out.

So, there are a lot of companies out there like Koopman lumber that deal with hardware retail. While you can try to apply for those companies, it’s worth noting that there are a lot of perks in Koopman lumber.

That’s why, in this article, we shall take a look at some of the most exciting stuff that you should know about this company. Moreover, we shall also mention Koopman lumber & hardware retailer ratings here. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out everything about Koopman Lumber and why it’s a great idea to join this company.

Basics To Know About Retail Jobs

So, in order to know how the company Koopman Lumber functions, it’s important to know about the Retail business or jobs in general. Well, retail jobs are for those who have a passion for selling products and assisting customers.

There are several skills you must acquire to become brilliant at this type of job. For instance, you do need customer service skills, communication, interpersonal skills, etc. Moreover, you also do need some basic computer and hardware skills as well.

An Overview On Koopman Lumber & Hardware Retailer Rating

Well, before we move on to discussing Koopman lumber & hardware retailer rating, we should talk about this company a bit. So, as per the sources, this company serves the hardware needs of the local communities of the US for the last 80 years. In other words, it’s one of the oldest companies that deal with hardware.

It was founded in 1939. Moreover, we should note that Koopman Lumber loves to hire new graduates from Worcester State University. More than 25-26 percent of the employers are from that University.

It’s a great company to work for. It has a nice environment that suits work a lot, and also amicable staff as well. Moreover, you will also get numerous opportunities for growth and development. If you plan to gain some experience, then this company will surely suit you a lot.

Considering the fact that the hardware sector has a lot of competition, it’s a great feat that this company has managed to hold its position for a very long time. Naturally, the Koopman Lumber & hardware retailer rating is on the higher side. How high? Well, for that you have to wait just a bit longer.

So, before that, we shouldn’t forget to mention that this is not a huge company in stature. In other words, there are not a lot of employees. With just 100 employees so fat, Koopman Lumber & Hardware retailer rating has seen a high position. It’s a private company that the job seekers rate very high. With only 100 employers, this company has managed to earn 11 million USD in revenue.

Rankings Of Koopman Lumber Company

Now, if you want to know about Koopman lumber & hardware retailer rating, you are at the right place. As per the sources, this company ranks 80 among the best hardware retail companies to work for, especially in Massachusetts. On the other hand, it ranks 2nd among the best companies to work for in Whitinsville, MA. As per the sources, the company has its HQ in this place as well.

Demographics Of Koopman Lumber

So, now that we know Koopman lumber & hardware retailer rating, we should also know about the demographics. So, as per research, we can say that this company has around 100 working employees right now. In fact, among those working, around 23 percent of the employers are female or women, whereas, 77 percent are men.

The most common ethnicity at this company is white, with 71 percent. Second on this list is Hispanic, with 15 percent, and five percent Asian employees. On average, an employee at this Koopman Lumber company earns 30k USD a year.


From the Koopman lumber & hardware retailer rating, we can see that the company ranks at 80 in Massachusetts, and 2nd in Whitinsville, MA, where it has its own HQ. Apart from that, it’s also worth noting that this company has seven more offices throughout the US. For instance, you will see the company’s offices in places like Andover, Grafton, Milford, Sharon, and Uxbridge.

If you are looking for a hardware retail job, then Koopman Lumber is one of the best options for you. The ranking is great and the workspace is excellent as well. In short, it offers you everything that you need to enjoy working.

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