Reina Capodici Bio-Wiki- Justin Guarini Age, Family, Children & Facts

Reina Capodici
American Idol's first season, runner up, Justin Guarini is married to wife Reina Capodici.

In the first place, Reina Capodici is the wife of an American celebrity. She is the wife of Justin Guarini; the couple lives in the USA. Justin Guarini is a musician and record producer in the United States of America. He is more popularly known as the winner of American Idol. Justin is the runner-up of season one of the American Idol reality show in 2002. 

Being the wife of such famous musician Reina is not new to media attention. But unlike her husband, she is not famous. So, it is a little hard to find information on her. Yet, read through the article to know everything on Reina Capodici and her husband. 

Who is Reina Capodici?

Reina Capodici is the wife of the singer Justin Guarini. He is just not a singer but a popular name in the music industry. Justin is also a musician, actor, host, and record producer. The resume of Justin and his achievements is a long one. Apart from being the wife of a celebrity Reina is a sweet person. She has a passion for traveling and photography.

 Though there is not much information available on her she is popular in the media. For more details on the relationship between the couple read the latter part.

When was Reina born? 

As mentioned before she is a very private person. She doesn’t like appearing on the media or share any personal information. This is the main reason for the absence of details on her birth date and place. Apart from this Reina has no Wikipedia page in her name. Usually, a celebrity spouse has a page on the Wikipedia website for them. But Reina is an expectation like a few other celebrities. Since there is no page on any popular website for her it is hard to get any information.

When was Reina’s husband born? 

The husband of Reina singer Justin was born on 28 October 1978. His birthplace is Columbus, Georgia in the United States of America. He is actually from Doylestown in Pennsylvania. Justin is the son of Eldrin Bell and Kathy Pepino Guarini. Coming to Justin’s parents, his father Eldrin is the former chief of police in Georgia, Atlanta. On the other hand, his mother is a journalist. She was a journalist for CNN. Previous to working at CNN she was a journalist for WTVM in Columbus. 

Justin comes from strong family background. But it was his mother Kathy and his step-father Jerry Guarini that took care of him in the suburb of Philadelphia. The singer shares the surname of his step-father Jerry. His ethnicity is diverse; he shares the heritage of his father African-American as well as Italian. Italian heritage comes from his mother’s side. 

What does Reina do for work? 

As stated repeatedly in the article he is a private person. Despite being the wife of the famous singer he remains away from the media. But as per some reports of the interview, Reina is as a writer. Yes, Reina is a writer and very good at it. 

Apart from writing, she is also a talented tarot card reader. So, this is the only information available on the professional life of Reina Capodici. Additionally, she is also a good photographer. Her fondness for food and photography is clear from her Instagram account. 

Why is Justin Guarini so famous in the USA? 

In the first place, as mentioned earlier, he is the runner-up of American Idol season one. This win in the reality singing show gave him a push in the music industry. Music was part of Justin’s upbringing. He began his career in music at the age of 4. At four years old he was a member of the Atlanta Boy Choir. His journey in music continued throughout his school days.

 In between the years 1996-2000, he was a lead singer in a group – The midnight voice. His performance in the group was amazing. They even made an album in 1999 with the help of a music scholarship. Justin’s love for performing arts like acting and music made him pursue it as a professional career. His major in college was vocal performance and theatre studies. He did his graduation from the University of Arts in Philadelphia. Later on, he attended school for film and television in New York. 

Since his success in the American Idol Justin has not turned back. Some of the notable works of the singer are Strange things have happened and Revolve. He made strange things have happened independently through his production company. Yes, the singer owns a production company Justin Entertainments Ltd. But the success of Justin is no limited to sing and production. 

From 2010 to date he is acting, hosting, and performing. He is a Broadway actor. His debut on Broadway was through Carlos in a musical drama. Justin’s other performance was in the rock musical American Idiot. Apart from the earlier mentioned success, he is also good at hosting. He has hosted the singing reality show American Idol. In addition to his, he was also co-hosted coverage (backstage) of Tony awards in 2016. 

The list of Justin performance in various fields is a long one. In conclusion, he is a smart individual with multiple talents. The creative gene of the singer is spot on. 

Who is Reina married too? 

The singer and the actor Justin Guarini is in a relationship with Reina. It was in the year 2009 that the couple tied the knot. Their marriage took place on the peaceful day of 26th September 2009. It’s been 11 years since their marriage took place. Reina and Justin were dating each other for nearly three years before marrying. The singer announced his marriage to Reina in Feb of 2009. 

Do Justin Guarini and Reina have any children? 

Yes, the couples have two beautiful and amazing boys. They become parents with the birth of their first son in the year 2011. Their son William Neko Bell Guarini was born on 26th April 2011. Next, their second son Asher Orion Guarani’s birth took place in the year 2013. Asher exact date of birth is on the 25th of February, 2013. 

Apart from this, Reina has a daughter from her previous relationship. The name of the daughter is Lala Mae. So, in total Reina, have three children, two sons with the singer and one daughter from a previous marriage. 

What is the net worth of Reina Capodici? 

There is no information on the net worth of Reina Capodici. It is because there are no correct details about her professional life. But as she is married to a successful singer, we will share her family’s net worth. The net worth of Justin Guarini and his family is around one million US dollars.

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, Reina Capodici is the wife of the singer and the host Justin Guarini. He is the runner-up of season one of the American Idol reality show. After winning the show, his career in music took-off. Apart from being a singer, he is also an actor and a host. 

On the other hand, there is no much information on Reina Capodici. It is because she is a private person. But it is familiar that she is a writer and tarot card reader. She has two sons with Justin and leads a happy life in America.

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