Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC (Run iOS Apps) 2020

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

Do you want to run iOS Apps on PC? Check out these 16 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC to run iPhone apps on your Laptop/Computer. (100% working) You can enjoy the iOS UI on your Mac or Windows 10/8/7 PC.

iOS Emulators For Windows PC

Many people nowadays use iOS-based phones or laptops and transfer their data from a place to another. Transferring the data is a tedious task for which the users face a lot of difficulties. 

What do you mean by the iOS Emulator?

This is the virtual program which is being created on the different operating system to form an OS environment. An emulator is a type of software that makes a different operating system behave like some other operating system. So, this has the capability of making the iOS applications run on Windows-based computers.

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC (Run iOS Apps) 2020

How is iOS Simulator different from iOS Emulators?

The difference between the two changes, working of a device. iOS emulators make a true copy of the software as well as hardware that is found on the device which is being copied. While the iOS simulator could only copy the software. This limits the iOS simulators to run some of the apps on the new device.   

iOS Emulators   

iOS emulators benefit Windows  

The iOS emulators could be run on different types of devices, which could be used to analyze as well as test the apps and different programs. It has the capability that the applications could be run on various operating systems such as Windows, Android, and many others. 

iOS Emulators best for the Windows

There are various iOS emulators which can be of great value for the Windows-based devices such as PC –

  1. Mobione Studio – It is considered to be one of the best PC emulators for apple, which allows running of the applications and iOS games on any window-based computer. Officially it has been discontinued, but it could be used. The developer of the app should develop cross-platform applications. 
  2. APP.IO – Based on the cloud, it has been developed. It is very easy to use and navigate. It comes with a trial version of 7 days, and if satisfied, then upgrade it. 
  3. Smartface – It is being used widely for building iOS apps cross-platform and by developers of app for testing iOS apps. The best alternative for ipadian. Available in both paid and free versions.
  4. Ipadian – It provides the best experience of iPad on Windows and Android. With the help of these various Apple features such as iMessage, Siri, etc. could be used on different platforms.  
  5. – With its help on the cloud storage iOS and Android applications is possible. It is available free of cost for only 100 minutes
  6. Air iPhone – It could create the virtual iPhone on the screen of Windows. To run it successfully, it is necessary to have an Air framework. It also supports the Adobe AIR framework, which is useful for users. 
  7. iPad Simulator – It works as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. It works both as a simulator and a cloud OS. Apple features such as Siri could be used through this. iOS applications could be dropped and dragged on the iPad simulator from PC. 
  8. iPhone Simulator – It is very helpful for playing iPhone games on Windows with excellent quality of graphics. With it, a simulated clone of the iPhone can be made on Windows. 
  9. Nintendo 3DS emulator – It is for the one who is interested in Gaming and wants to play 3D games on Windows. It makes the playing smooth and with no issues of lagging.
  10. Xamarin Testflight – It is a user-friendly UI and set up easily. It will work on iOS 8.0 and above. Apple Corporation owns it due to which a lot of tasks could be done.
  11. Electric Mobile Studio – This is of high quality, but only the paid version is available. By using various languages for coding, it develops the iOS apps but consumes a lot of space in the ram. 
  12. Ripple – It is mostly used for application testing purposes as well as for developing a new application. It is cloud based on cloud and supports almost all the apps on iOS catering from iOS 1 to iOS 11 on any portal. 
  13. Imame – It is made mainly for Gaming and supports various games on iOS9 as well as iOS 10. Various games on iOS can be emulated with it. 
  14. Xamarin – Apple Inc developed this app with quality. The developers use it for testing the compatibility of cross-platform iOS apps to the Windows platform. Even apps like iMessage could be run through this. 
  15. iDOS emulator – This is the best interface for beginners as it is very user-friendly and straightforward. This is available for the free version.  
  16. Remoted iOS simulator – This is a different product of Xamarin. The interface is very easy and simple to use. With this, it becomes easy to navigate. It could be debugged only through Windows Visual Studio enterprise. 

iOS emulators best for the Mac

  1. – It supports all the versions of Mac OS as well as Windows. It is the best web-based emulator for Mac devices. It is considered to be the best alternative to It is a web-based online emulator and not based on software. 
  2. Xamarin Testflight – With the help of this, the iPhone can be emulated on Mac PC. The iOS apps could be tested through this by a developer of the app. It also supports the Mac OS version.
  3. – It is compatible with every Mac Book. If some of the apps need to be tested, then it is best to use the free version of it. For the paid version, it charges around 0.05$ for a minute. 
  4. Xamarin – Apple is making it, so the features in this have the quality. On this, the testing and working for both Windows and Mac could be done for iOS apps. It is considered to be the best emulator as it has the best features to provide. 

Different iOS emulators are available for Windows as well as Mac. As per the requirement and budget, an individual could choose which of the iOS emulators could be chosen for the use.