What is Company Secretary in Hong Kong and Why You Need It

Company Secretary in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most powerful commercial registered trading centers in the world. Attracting large numbers of foreign investors and entrepreneurs has many privileges; however, you must meet certain requirements for company registration in Hong Kong.

One of the most important requirements to consider is the appointment of a company secretary in Hong Kong. In this article, we will tell you all the complexities of Hong Kong company secretarial work.

Who is the company secretary?

The company secretary is a formal position. He is responsible for the company’s management and administrative functions. Your company secretary is not an employee and should not be confused with an employee. Your company secretariat is in an important position. Ensure that and company operations are conducted in accordance with the law.


  • Cooperating with government agencies (such as the Companies Registry, Internal Revenue Service)
  • Communicating with directors and shareholders on business operations
  • Handle administrative matters to keep the company up to date

How important is a Company Secretary in Hong Kong?

Before we introduce you to the role of Hong Kong company secretaries to Get Started HK, we would like to introduce you to some basic information about their services. More importantly, “Why do you need them for your business?”

Well, there are many reasons. This is the first company regulation required by law, so every company must appoint a company secretary to Get Started HK. The secretary, if it is a legal person, must have a registered office in Hong Kong; or if the person must reside permanently in Hong Kong. The sole director of a private company cannot be the company’s secretary.

What are the duties of the company secretary?

In addition to directors, the company secretary is also an executive employee and one of the company’s heads. If the company does not meet the requirements of the “Company Regulations”, the company and relevant responsible persons will approve, permit or participate in the violations, which constitutes a crime, and be fined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Regulations.”

The company secretary needs to understand the business and how company registration in hong kong, and he needs to be able to translate management theories into the appropriate structure, policies, and procedures of his organization, and the president will not completely rely on the company secretary for compliance issues. At the meeting, let the board of directors understand the situation and make a decision on the implementation of the measures to Get Started HK.

Therefore, the company must have an excellent gatekeeper to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Hong Kong Company Secretary Functions:

  • This is the main link between the company registration in hong kong.
  • Create, register, store and copy all legal documents.
  • Organize all board and shareholder meetings.
  • Attend, draft and record board and shareholder meetings.
  • Fulfill the agreement reached by the board of directors at the meeting.
  • Apply for a company registration certificate.
  • Prepare and submit any legal requirements required by branches of the Hong Kong government.
  • If necessary, advise the company on all legal, bankruptcy, and liquidation issues.
  • If the company wishes to cease operations, it is responsible for terminating the company.

There are many reasons why Hong Kong companies need secretaries to Get Started HK.

Expert Work:

This is the first benefit of hiring a company secretary in Hong Kong. Suppose you have hired an excellent secretary, which means you have received professional services. The company secretarial service works with multiple companies, and if they work in a specific secretarial field, they are likely to have acquired different levels of professional knowledge. Experience is another matter. Experienced secretarial services must have learned a lot since its establishment, and you will contribute all your knowledge.

Company Representative:

When the Hong Kong government wants to contact the company, the secretary acts as a bridge between the company the government. The clerk will answer whether it is a legal question, clarification, or other difficult problem. All these company account books are under the jurisdiction of the company secretary, who is responsible for maintaining and updating the company account books, including the register of shareholders and directors.

The company secretary is also responsible for the distribution of company accounts and overseeing the preparation and reports to shareholders and partners. Remember that even if the company is going to be liquidated, the company secretary will supervise the liquidation process from start to finish for company registration in Hong Kong.

Trustworthy and Reliable:

The company secretary is a senior employee of the company and can sign very important documents on behalf of the company. Using a service company as a company secretary is the best way to ensure that your secretary is trustworthy. This is especially true if your company operates as an offshore company in Hong Kong. In this case, your company secretary will always follow your instructions to ensure that your company will never be at risk.

Simple and convenient:

Because your company secretariat has knowledge and experience in handling management requirements, you can ensure that you have a suitable candidate for the job. All your processes and specifications are simple, fast, and so on. When you have an unskilled secretary, you can avoid problems to Get Started HK.

Changing the secretary of the works:

Don’t like the service of the secretary of the current works? You can easily transfer your current company secretary from Hong Kong to a start-up company. Update the documents required for company registration in Hong Kong.

You must follow a simple procedure, namely:

  •   Ask us to act as your company secretary.
  •  After receiving your application, we will print the necessary documents for the change plan of your registered company secretariat.
  • As a company director, you must sign a resignation form to change the company secretary.
  • If you are unable to visit our office, you can sign and email it to us after receiving a copy of the form we have recorded.
  • At the same time, we will change the registered secretary online through the Commercial Registry.
  •  The startup becomes your new company secretary.