What is My Fashion Style? How to be Bold With Your Style Decisions

Fashion Style
Beautiful fashion model woman wearing sunglasses and standing near brick wall

Determining your unique style can be difficult, and it can be easy to get into a rut with the clothes we wear today and the outfits we put together. Use the guide below to find your fashion style and discover how to make the most gorgeous choices when it comes to clothes.

Weigh Up Your Wardrobe

To start with, have a look at what’s in your wardrobe right now. For this exercise, pay the most attention to the garments that make you feel happy; whether you love the color, the texture, the cut, or you simply feel fabulous wearing them, gather these clothes together and see if you can identify a theme; does one shade stand out? Are they all tailored or looser cuts? Do patterns play a role? Identifying what you feel good in is the main building block to discovering your true fashion style

You may discover, out of a whole wardrobe of clothes, you have picked out maybe just three items as your favorites, and these three all feature certain design elements, like amazing tailoring or intricate embellishments. It’s these details that can inform the rest of your choices.

Eyewear To Entice

If you wear spectacles, then make these a key part of your look. If you’ve identified from the above exercise that your style leans towards a retro look, then find frames that support this vibe, such as a classic pair of round rimless glasses or enticing cat’s eye frames. A chic look needn’t break the bank; there is a huge range of cheap eyeglasses available in a plethora of styles, from classic Wayfarers to replica-vintage to sports glasses. Consider buying multiple pairs to allow you to easily switch between styles to make sure that your specs always match your ensemble.

When choosing frame colors, think about what clothes you tend to choose: if you wear a lot of blue, consider what color of frames would work well with this shade. You have two options here. Using a color wheel, you could identify the shade opposite to blue, which is known as the complementary shade – in this case, orange. Choosing glasses with orange frames would be a strong statement look to make your blue garments pop. Alternatively, you could opt for frames in a neighboring hue on the color wheel: turquoise, for example, or blue-purple. This will create a more subtle effect and will result in a put-together look.  

Identify Your Fashion Inspiration

An important way to help you find your personal style is to consciously look for inspiration: take note if, when flicking through a magazine, you see a celeb wearing an outfit you love, and look carefully at what’s being worn to identify exactly what it is that has caught your attention. For example, you may find yourself habitually buying one style of clothes, whereas the garments you admire are of a completely different design.

For example, your wardrobe may be mainly comprised of neutral colors, whereas what catches your eye on celebs are brightly colored, patterned clothes. 

You don’t need to go out and immediately replace all the pieces in your closet with neon alternatives, but think about incorporating some splashes of color into your look to best reflect your personality and likes: a jacket in a vibrant shade, for example, or standout red shoes.

Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe…

The next step is to choose several key pieces that are going to make up the foundation of your wardrobe. When selecting these items, focus on what’s going to work hard for you: you need to love and feel comfortable wearing every garment, and the quality should be high so that you can be confident it’ll last.

If you’ve identified your style as being boho, then think about wide-legged trousers that are fitted at the waist, white peasant-style shirts, and long skirts; if it’s contemporary, opt for well-fitting denim, leather miniskirts, and oversized knits. When selecting each item, make sure that it can easily mix and match with the other pieces in your capsule wardrobe.

…And Now Add Extra Personality

Okay, now you’ve got a fantastic capsule collection that reflects your unique fashion style; it’s time to get brave and incorporate a few standout elements to ensure that what you’re wearing truly expresses your personality. There will be some experimentation necessary for this stage, but keep it light and have fun with the process.

Think about jewelry and accessories. If your style has revealed itself to be romantic and feminine, try adding some pretty, embellished hair grips to your look or floral-themed bracelets and necklaces. Again, the color wheel can help here. If your capsule wardrobe has an overarching pink theme, then green accessories are going to make your whole ensemble more vibrant, whereas jewelry featuring red stones will pull the whole look together effectively.

Other items that you could incorporate into your look include scarves, statement belts, bags in bold colors, and unusual textures and patterned or embellished tights to add instant personal pizazz to the ensemble you’ve put together.