Complete your look with Classy Accessories

Complete your look with Classy Accessories

If you plan to buy some accessories during the current epidemic, here are some classic yet awesome pieces that you should buy for yourself this year.

Fun yet classy accessories that rock your look 

The ongoing epidemic has brought about a dramatic change in people’s attitudes and behavior toward savings and spending. Instead of buying custom-made items, people now look for precious pieces of jewelry that are much classy, and if you too are planning to purchase some accessories during the current epidemic, here are some pieces you should look for to add to the wardrobe – 

The vintage must-haves in the wardrobe –

A girl will never have too many accessories! The great idea is to stock the necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or a combination of them all to style your boring dresses instantly. It does not require you to spend any extra money on buying other accessories to complete the look. 

Chain link sets

When choosing jewelry, go for chain link bracelets that are an excellent jewelry item and make a great gift (as easily as the whole outfit you decide to be built around these beauties!)

Classic pearls

The pearl necklace looks equally amazing when paired with a saree or little black dress. It can make you look good and exudes panache. 

If you want a favorable vibe and timeless party appeal, you should positively wear a pearl necklace with matching earrings. Going minimal will make the look appear more glamorous. Surely, after the diamonds, pearls are a woman’s best buddies! What’s more, you can reuse the pearl necklace as a bracelet to mesmerize all. 

Hoop Earrings

Gold hoops are on fire for a long time and will always be termed as true blue vintage jewelry. 

From formal suits to Salwar to casual summer dresses, hoop earrings can be paired with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. You must own a pair of this piece of jewelry apart from the silver polkis.

Silver polki earrings

Silver earrings or jhumkas with large circular or bell-shaped designs can be seen on various platforms and social media. They are worn as a formal wedding dress or even a casual dressing style. 

The length and size of the earrings can be customized to your liking. Women love their jhumkas, and sometimes these are the only pieces of jewelry that you truly need when you go out as they go in style with whatever form of traditional dress that you are planning on wearing while stepping out of the home. What’s more, these even go along with all the colors and vintage dresses’ styles.

The Chand-baalis

Women who wear more traditional clothing should go to invest in the classic yet marvelous Chanbaalis. 

Whether it is a wedding dress, saree, and traditional salwar suit, completing the look is possible by Chandbaalis that can go agreeably with all time-honored clothing styles. This piece of jewelry can intensify your desi diva look in mere seconds and make you the apple of your grandma’s eyes!

Faux diamond jewels 

A faux diamond necklace with a gem on it can give you a beautiful look. It is a perfect addition to your timeless jewelry collection. 

Diamonds and gemstones and their meanings are never out of style, and thus, basic clothing items look amazing when paired with such faux jewelry designs.

A Beautiful Ring

Your look is not complete without a ring. A classy and elegant ring will compliment your outfit. If you have a group of friends and are thankful to have those buddy’s then go for best friend rings. There is a similar option called hug ring. These rings have a meaningful shape, they have to end which means eternity. Wearing this ring shows the love to the friends in your life that is never ending.


If you are a simple girl who loves to keep things balanced and minimalistic, then these beautiful pair of studs will be your best friend for all occasions! 

From pearl rich delights to a simple diamond one along with a small set of stones – whatever be your calling, you can wear them (for almost all occasions). These beautiful ones will help you look stylish without being too overwhelming.

The vitals for a diva

When it comes to pulling a beautiful clothing piece well, what do you focus on? Have you ever tried hard to choose your clothes only to find that the result is not what you wanted? 

Dressing in the best designer gear does not always give you a look you crave to achieve. More often than not, they can make or break a dress by choosing the wrong accessories! 

Sunglasses that suit you

Sunglasses can often a support item that many forget, but they can be one of the most important ones in balancing the outfit. 

When a large set of sunglasses complements your favorite look, you will find that every other outfit also gets a unique twist using the best shades. 

Best pair of shoes

So, what type of shoes should you buy? 

When it comes to shoe styles, it helps to have a few different ones. If you try to start from scratch, then get a full collection of casual shoes, and even black heels will be a good bet to match your original statement style.

Bags and purses

You will have a complete list of bags that you want to use for your daily look. But if there is only one basic bag you can go into the evening with, that is the statement clutch bag. It is simple to handle and looks good for a formal party. 


If you agree with your budget and want to give your dress the best uplift, then the watch tops our list. 

A watch is a piece of timeless jewelry that sets the tone for any occasion. Also, add something special with the watch – for instance – matching bracelets that can be worn together to attain the best results.

Kolhapuri Juttis

Juttis are our favorite fusion shoes as their wear is not limited to Indian clothing, and they look great paired with denim as well. 

If you need some inspiration, use Punjabi or Kohlapuri leather ones full of bright tones and intricate embellishments. 

Still, our favorite part about them is that all the shoes are vegan and handmade! Add something extra, for instance – a matching headband or polkis with the look you choose to flaunt now. 

Cashmere or merino wool scarf

From high-end fashion brands to luxury designers like Burberry, you can pick your choice depending on your budget needs. Follow the festive theme and choose a red or blue scarf for something thick and comfortable that can be styled in many ways, which will be a guaranteed winter winner! It also adds an extra dimension to the boring bags, making it a memorable investment for years.

Digitally printed silk scarf

The perfect style that you will never go wrong with is a cashmere or silk scarf.

Apart from feeling comfortable, the benefits of this are many. Silk absorbs moisture from your face and creates less friction and thus, helps to fight aging, a deep crease, and blackheads. What’s more, these can be used to create a welcoming respite from the classy black outfits common in the winter season, and hence one style can last for a lifetime. So, invest in the most beautiful one and amaze all with your charm.

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