Everything Know About GeorgeNotFound Height, Net Worth, And More!


In recent times, GeorgeNotFound has become one of the famous YouTubers, especially for his Minecraft content. And, his fans love his content so much that there is a separate fan base for him. From GeorgeNotFound height to net worth, get to know everything there is about him from below.

Personal bio of GeorgeNotFound

GeorgeNotFound came into this world on 1st November 1996. His real name is George Henry Davidson who was born in London, England. Well, he is a member of the popular Minecraft team, the Dream team. On the other hand, he got in Minecraft Championships 6 to 8. And, he and his team got 3rd and 4th place in MC 6 and 7 respectively. Currently, he is of 25 years of age. And, he finished a computer science degree at London University. Also, GeorgeNotFound height is 5 feet 9 inches. Finally, he has a charismatic personality which makes him highly popular among female fans. Finally, you can say that he is serious and passionate about games and gadgets.


Family of GeorgeNotFound

Well, GeorgeNotFound is born to a British family. That’s right, they are natives present in London. Furthermore, some sources do claim that his parents were troubled over his new YouTube career. Other than that, nothing is available. Yes, from name to personal occupation, GeorgeNotFound didn’t say anything about his parents.

Of course, there have been rumours going around that his father is a successful businessman and his mother is a homemaker.

Career of GeorgeNotFound

Of course, he got his spotlight mainly due to his Minecraft video content on his youtube channel. Moreover, he does collaborations with fellow successful Youtubers from time to time. In turn, this has helped to get a huge number of subscribers and supporters within a short time. Of all his videos, the video ‘Bedwars mouse+keyboard ASMR’ is the debut for GeorgeNotFound. After all, that got huge attention from a larger audience. Yes, he uploaded this video on 29th September 2019.

The net worth of GeorgeNotFound

That’s right, George’s primary source of income comes from his videos as a gamer. As of now, the net worth of GeorgeNotFound is around 6 million dollars. Well, his annual salary, by one estimate, is 2.7 million dollars. So, you can see how he got that much with his amazing content.

GeorgeNotFound height

Certainly, from his pictures you can say that his weight is around 57 Kg and his height to be 5 feet and 9 inches. Also, his eye and hair colour is black. Surely, you would have read about his charming looks and personality in the comments of his video. And, that’s what makes him so popular among female fans.

GeorgeNotFound Minecraft skin

Surely, you can say that the Minecraft skin of GeorgeNotFound is quite similar to the real steve skin. Yes, his skin has a T-shirt of light blue colour with denim pants. Moreover, he uses big goggles on his skin’s face. After all, the members can change the skin depending on the theme of the event in the Dream SMP. On the other hand, his loyal fans made a female version of his skin, called GerogiaNotFound. And, it is based on Alex’s skin.

Well, that’s all folks. Surely, anyone will admit that GeorgeNotFound has become an inspiration for reaching success at a young age. Stay tuned for future updates!

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