Types of Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Types of Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Today, purchasing a mattress is not about going to the store and picking one that suits your budget. There are a lot of things to consider. Size, thickness, durability, sleeping position, firmness, pressure relief, sinkage, spine alignment — there are many things to consider that need careful planning.

But out of all those factors, one stands out; the one factor where you cannot go wrong. Because it is the sole factor that decides whether your body gets the proper rest or not, yes, we are talking about the sleeping position because a mattress that doesn’t suit your sleeping position can give you back, hip, or shoulder pain (to name a few ailments).

Scroll down to find out about the mattress types for different sleeping positions. Plus, you will find out whether a particular mattress will suit you or not. For instance, you will discover heavy people mattress, small people’s mattresses, and so on.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sleeping Position?

Most people sleep either on their back, side, or belly. So, the expected positions in which we can categorize people are side sleepers, back sleepers, and front sleepers. Let’s look at each sleeping position and the type of mattress that will best suit them:

  1. The Back Sleepers

The best thing about back sleepers is they can find comfort on any type of mattress (mostly). However, there are some things that you have to consider if you are looking for the utmost comfort. For instance, many back sleepers suffer from mid and lower back pains because of the spine not being able to rest on the mattress surface:

  • Traditional Spring Mattresses

Also known as a coil spring mattress, the traditional mattress is good for people on a budget. They are bouncy and allow you to rest your entire body on the mattress. However, considering pillows for positioning them under the knees is a good idea when opting for a traditional mattress.

  • Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Instead of embedding the entire mattress with a single spring, the pocket mattresses are so designed that each pocket has a single spring coil. Meaning all the individuals will have individual springs, allowing you to rest properly. This is best for couples who sleep in different sleeping positions. However, pocket spring mattresses are usually expensive compared to traditional spring mattresses.

  • Orthopedic Mattresses

Best suitable for back sleepers suffering from back pain and lower pain, orthopedic mattresses are also recommended to people recovering from injuries, seniors, and active people. So, if you are suffering spine issues because of sleeping on your back, an orthopedic mattress should be your go-to for perfect spine alignment.

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  • Firmness

Besides the type of mattress, you should also consider the type of firmness:

  • Medium Firm Mattresses

The medium firm mattresses are not that bouncy and suit people with perfect BMI.

  • Firm Mattresses

This is good for back sleepers who are overweight.

Besides the mattress, you will also have to consider a very firm pillow for yourself. Moreover, back sleepers could also consider a medium-firm memory foam mattress if they find it comfortable.

  1. The Front Sleepers

A medium, medium-firm, or firm mattress is usually ideal for the front mattress to provide the best alignment of the spine and provide maximum support to deal with aches and pains caused by pressure on your spine and back.

Sleeping Positions

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are known to provide the best comfort by adapting your body position. They are so designed that they align all your body parts on the surface and provide the best support possible. Of course, they cost a good amount of money. Nevertheless, if you are a front sleeper and suffer from back aches and pains, a memory foam mattress is the way to go.

  • Combination Mattresses

Also known as Hybrid mattresses, combination mattresses are multi-layer beds that combine memory foam, latex, or gel that give sturdy support. They are available in various combinations and you can pick one that best suits your needs. For instance, the sturdy one’s suit people with average weight suffering from back issues.

  • Pocket Sprung Gel Mattresses

Suitable for front sleepers looking for temperature relief, Pocket Sprung Gel Mattresses provide cooling effects and help your body be cool throughout the night.

  • Pillows for Front Sleepers

Feather and down, Hollowfiber, and Latex — these are some of the pillows you should consider to sleep comfortably.

  1. The Side Sleepers

The Side Sleepers could also consider the memory foam mattress and gel mattresses mentioned earlier. Of course, the firmness level depends on whether you are average weight or above-average weight. Other than that, you can also consider the latex mattresses or the pillow top variants.

Sleeping Positions

  • Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses offer the best comfort and support for side sleepers. Besides providing optimum support, the latex mattresses also relieve back pains and soothe other types of aches caused by sleeping on the side. Moreover, they are considered one of the best mattresses for pressure point relief.

  • Pillow Top Mattresses

Evident from the name, pillow-top mattresses have a swollen side on the upper side of the mattress, allowing the side sleepers to get a perfect sleeping position and deal with body aches. There are varieties like Euro variants and Regular variants, suiting different needs.

Side sleepers could also consider the Actigel variants if they need temperature relief throughout the night.


This guide is to help you get an idea of what you should be looking for. For instance, these variants acquaint you with the types of mattresses suitable for a specific sleeping position. Of course, you will have to consider the firmness, the material, and the prices that suit your budget.

Nevertheless, if you find that the mattress suitable for you is expensive, you can consider waiting till an offer period like Labor Day and so on. Moreover, you can also consider online shops that usually are cheaper than store-purchased mattresses because they come directly from the manufacturers. And eliminating the middleman, the costs come down drastically.