Kids N Cribs Has the Best Twin Bunk Beds for Sale

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As your children grow, you may be looking for a way to make bedtime or decorating bedroom fun while also trying to save some space and money on furniture. If your kids are preparing to share a room, bunk beds may be the way to go.

Bunk beds are fun and they can be a perfect way to get your kid’s room started. Kids N Cribs has Twin Bunk Beds For Sale that are the best way to start your children’s room. Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience from buying bunk beds for your children’s room.

Save Space – Beds can take up a lot of space in a child’s room, especially if space in your house only allows children to share a room. Bunk beds can open up the floor space by taking up more space vertically. This creates more room on the floor for a play area or to add other furnitures like desks or dressers.

Save Money – Bunk beds are very different from standard twin beds. For one, they do not have any foundation or box spring, which saves you some money. No headboards are needed either, another piece that helps you save. In addition to saving on additional accessories that go with standard beds, you only need to buy one bunk bed instead of two standard twin beds. This is definitely going to save you money, eliminating the need to purchase a second bed.

Flexibility to Make Changes – Bunk beds do allow for flexibility, especially if you need to make changes in any way. Some twin bunk beds for sale come with the ability to be separated into two twin beds, allowing two children to have their own individual bed. Some bunk beds convert into sofas, allowing for a place to relax. If you really want the ultimate flexibility, a bunk bed with a lower trundle that can be pulled out and stored away underneath really helps save space. Some bunk beds also have built-in drawers for extra storage as well, creating some flexibility for storing clothes and toys.

Bunk Beds are Creative and Fun – Some of the benefits of having bunk beds is purely aesthetic. Simply put, bunk beds are fun and creative and can really activate a child’s imagination. Children can look at a bunk bed and pretend it is a castle or fort. Give your children a bunk bed and let their imagination run wild. It will certainly keep them engaged and busy while you as parents tend to other things needed around the house.

Good for Any Room – Bunk beds are not just for kids. Caregivers can put bunk beds to use to be close to someone who may have special needs throughout the night and be able to help them without leaving the room. Bunk beds also make great guest room beds.

At Kids N Cribs, the selection of all products, including twin bunk beds for sale, is great and provides many different options to fit the needs of any growing family, no matter how much space you have or what your budget may be. With so many items in stock ranging from bunk beds, twin beds, full beds and loft beds to everything you need for a newborn in your family, Kids N Cribs has everything you need for every step of your child’s development from birth through early childhood. Check out the selection by visiting or contact them by calling 925-778-2229 or filling out the contact form on the contact page to get more information about products or have your questions answered.