10 Interesting Facts About HR Professionals

HR Professionals

The success and growth of an organization depend on the people of the organization. The best way to achieve that? By providing better working conditions, creating a safe working environment, and guiding employees to reach their maximum potential.

And that responsibility lies in the hands of HR professionals. Yes, HR professionals do more than just recruit and lay off. HR is a multi-faceted field and so are the duties of HR professionals.

Here are a few facts about HR professionals that you may find interesting.

  • They Are Tech Savvy

With HR software and tools on the rise, HR professionals are becoming adept at technicalities and analytics. Since monotonous tasks are performed by HR tools, HR professionals now have more time to focus on people. For instance, the Bizneo HR Software is a low-cost yet simple system that operates all your HRM needs.

  • They Aren‚Äôt Bothered By Workplace Romances

Contrary to popular belief, HR professionals care little for who’s dating who in the workplace. Most companies don’t even have a policy regarding the same. However, that doesn’t mean such behavior is encouraged, it just isn’t considered a big issue.

  • They Prefer Tuesdays

Tuesday is considered as the peak productivity day as per a study of HR managers. HR professionals believe that important tasks are completed efficiently on a Tuesday compared to any other day of the week. Makes sense, since Sunday Scaries and Monday blues give us little to no motivation to complete any task. This a common feeling among individuals who may not look forward to their responsibilities or tasks at work after enjoying their weekend leisure time. You can learn more about Sunday Scaries meaning.

  • Most HR Professionals Are Women

The HR field has gained the reputation of being female dominant. This could be the reason men are reluctant to apply for this position. Female domination in the HR field is justified by their inherent compassion, emotional resonance, and empathy which men often fall short of.

  • Women Employers Recruit More People

Women don’t get paid as much as their male counterparts, but they impact the economy tremendously. According to several studies and surveys, women create more jobs and employ more people than their male peers. Plus, with more people wanting female inclusion in workplaces, now is the time to pave your way in the HR field.

  • They Can Assess A Candidate Within Seconds

Several HR professionals can evaluate the employability of a candidate within 90 seconds. The candidate’s hiring chances depend more on his/her body language than their impressive resume. Apart from that, they spend less than 10 seconds per resume. Therefore, maintain a positive and confident body language throughout.

  • They Analyze Candidate‚Äôs Social Media Profiles

Did you know that your Instagram posts or tweets may hinder your employment? Unfortunately, yes. We live in a fast-paced digital world where everyone is constantly posting on the ‚Äėgram. Thus, several HR professionals have started screening social media profiles of potential candidates. In addition to that, they may also disqualify a candidate based on their social media activity.

  • They Are Responsible For Employee Retention

The biggest prejudice against HR professionals is that they can and will fire you whenever they want to. But that’s not it. Contrary to that, HR professionals shoulder the responsibility of creating strategies that’ll not only empower employees but also enable a company to retain the employees.

  • They Appreciate Performance Feedback

HR professionals are flexible and open to change and growth. Hence, they look forward to their performance evaluations by employees. While employees may fear being too honest and risking their jobs, HR managers appreciate a good dose of constructive criticism. It helps them in determining their weak areas so they can work on the same for the betterment of its employees and organization.

  • They Are Constantly Working To Introduce New Work Concepts

A successful HR professional never closes the door to newer and improved work concepts. Hence, HR professionals are always up-to-date about local and global trends prevailing in other organizations and workspaces. This makes HR the most evolving and flexible area of an organization.

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