How to Use the FamilyTime App for iPhone Parental Controls?

FamilyTime App for iPhone Parental Controls

Seeing a kid flaunting an iPhone doesn’t seem strange anymore. Parents who can afford to buy their kids a brand-new iPhone gift them on special occasions. Whereas those who lack the budget for the latest model often settle for hand-me-downs or older versions. 

No matter what model of iPhone kids own, dutiful parents always work hard to keep them safe. Today we’ll discuss how you can use the FamilyTime app (a parental control solution) for iPhone parental controls. You might be wondering why you need a parental control app in the first place? Let me explain.

Why the Need for Parental Control Apps?

The young generation of the modern age has easy and unrestricted access to things you and I never did in our childhood. For instance, they can watch their favorite shows on the go, access the internet wherever/whenever, purchase things, play games, talk to friends across the globe, etc. All these activities were either restricted or impossible for us to do when we were kids. 

Parents must remember that we are now living in the era of instant gratification, where kids have everything in the palms of their hands. If you don’t keep an eye on what your kids are doing online/offline, they may go astray. Therefore, parents need a solution for iPhone parental controls, and there is nothing better than the FamilyTime app. Are you wondering how’s that possible? Let’s find out!

Introducing FamilyTime – The Ultimate Parental Controls Solution!

FamilyTime is a parental control software solution carefully designed to monitor all online & offline activities of kids. Its features send real-time alerts and keep parents in the loop so they can protect their kids from any online or real-world threats. Let dive deeper and see what makes it the best iPhone parental control app on the market.

Why Is It the Best iPhone Parental Control App?

Most iPhones have built-in basic parental control features, such as web filters, screen time limitations, app restrictions, etc. However, iPhones don’t provide enough security features, and kids can bypass those with ease. Hence the need for the FamilyTime app. It offers a plethora of features that only parents can access via their parental hub and customize everything as they wish.

Has it piqued your interest? Here is a sneak peek into how you can use the FamilyTime app for iPhone parental controls.

Limit Screen Time

We live in an era dominated by technology where screens are all around us. Therefore, limiting kids’ screen time can be quite a daunting task for parents. The FamilyTime app makes it as easy as pushing a button. Here’s how it does that.

  • Time Limits – It enables parents to limit screen time down to the minute. You can set different time limits for individual apps too.
  • Bed Time – It helps you set a bedtime limit meaning kids cannot access their devices after the set bedtime. 
  • Homework Time – once you set up this feature, kids won’t be able to access their devices during homework time. Thus, their full concentration would be on their work.

Location Tracking & Geofence

We can’t always be there to protect our kids or keep them in our line of sight. Parents often feel uneasy while sending their kids out in the world, not knowing whether they’ll be safe. Well, put your minds at ease because you can receive real-time location alerts and know where your kids are at all times. Here is what FamilyTime can do for you.

  • FamilyMap – It is the most accurate way of knowing where all your kids are in a single glance with location details on a map.
  • Geofence – Geofence enables parents to create a virtual fence for their kids. You can receive alerts when your kids enter and leave specific locations. That helps you keep track of their footsteps and know their whereabouts.
  • Location Tracking – track your kids’ location in real-time and see where they are whenever you wish. That way, they will always be in your virtual line of sight.

The App Blocker

Kids with unrestricted access to technology and the internet can do pretty much whatever they please. Once they receive their own smartphones, they download whatever apps they like without their parents’ consent. If you are worried as a parent that your kids might use unsafe apps, FamilyTime has got your back! 

Its app blocker automatically blocks all downloaded apps on the phone. The apps await parental approval, and you may allow/block the apps as you deem fit. 

Internet Filter

Do you aspire to keep your kids away from indecent and explicit websites or content on the internet? FamilyTime’s internet filter can help you block all such sites, including the written information, pictures, and videos related to subjects like drugs, gambling, porn, profanity, weapons, etc.

Content Filter

Ensure your kids don’t watch any age-inappropriate or adult content on their iPhones with FamilyTime’s content filter. It is super effective and you can restrict your kids’ access to all adult content, such as movies, TV shows, apps, books (e.g., erotic novels), and even songs on iTunes (e.g., songs with profanity or curse words in their lyrics). 

SOS/Panic Button

The FamilyTime app’s iPhone parental controls also provide your kids with an SOS/Panic button that they can press in emergencies to alert parents of their location and get immediate help.


It is a relatively new feature and isn’t offered by other apps on the market. PickMeUp enables parents to receive alerts when it is time to pick up kids from school/friend’s place/games/extracurricular classes, etc. It is specifically designed for busy parents who may lose track of time or forget to pick up kids due to heavy workload/commitments.

Teen Safe Drive

FamilyTime caters to kids of all ages, including teens. If your teens have recently learned to drive, you can assign them a maximum speed limit with this app. It will track their speed and alert you whenever they cross their designated limits.  

Interesting, right? Using this app won’t be difficult for parents either. 

How to Get Started?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! It literally has a three-step installation process. All you need to do is: 

    1. Sign up – either try its free trial version or pay and get premium access to all features.
    2. Install – download and install the app on both parent and child devices.
  • Manage – begin managing all settings on your kids’ iPhones remotely from the parent hub.

Want to Know More?

Kids can’t bypass its security or uninstall it as they please, which makes the FamilyTime app one of the best solutions for iPhone parental controls.  Check out its features on the website. And if you want to download it for free on Play Store and App Store.

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