8 Essential Asphalt Paving Tips to Improve the Quality

Asphalt Paving

There are a lot of factors that can directly affect and influence the quality of your asphalt paving mat. Successful asphalt paving can not be achieved in a single day, it requires careful and timely planning and appropriate preparation for each paving setup. A little mishap or carelessness can lead to major problems to take place in your asphalt pavement installation process

Therefore it becomes more important than ever to take advice from experts in achieving all your asphalt paving solutions effectively and quickly. In this article, we will walk through some of the major and essential asphalt paving tips that help you improve the quality of your paving efficiently.  

1. Check the setup 

The first thing to take into consideration is to inspect the paving machine and components before your start with the paving process. This way you will be able to determine any potential issues with the equipment beforehand and improve the performance efficiency of the same. 

2. Laying a quality mat 

Once you have inspected with paving machines and tools, you can now move ahead to check the quality of the asphalt pavement mat. Your pavement mat depends upon many factors such as quality of paving material, level of the mixtures applied, and the paver speed for compaction. 

3. Maintain an adequate head of material 

A majority of paving problems generally take place due to the improper consistency of the paving materials. An improper measurement in the supply of material can lead to uneven and poor-quality surfaces. You must make sure that the amount of asphalt paving material should be constant across the whole area of the pavement. 

4. Paving speed

An improper paving speed can give rise to many problems such as waves, ripples, irregular depth of the mat, and other related problems. Change in speed can create difficulty with the delivery timing of hot mix material on the surface.  In the case of automobile pavers, you can use speed limiters to set your paving speed accordingly. 

5. Check compaction 

You must make sure to cope with your pavement with unexpected load, heavy traffic, and harsh weather conditions depending on the area where you live. This can be achieved by preserving your asphalt pavement’s integrity and strength. Without proper compaction, you won’t be able to provide sufficient support to structures to carry traffic loads. 

6. Mat temperature and thickness 

Mat temperature and thickness play an essential role in pavement compaction. Generally, the compaction time can be limited to 10 minutes or less. Therefore it is important to determine the cooling downtime of hot mix asphalt in accordance with the weather conditions to set your mat temperature and thickness accordingly.

7. Pattern of rolling 

Rolling is the final step in the professional pavement process. This process is responsible for the durability and smoothness of the roads. You must make sure to complete the rolling process before the mix temperature drops too low in order to achieve the target density of your pavement.

8. Use of Intelligent Compaction

With the advanced technology, the Intelligent Compaction (IC) now has led the process of compaction to the next level. Intelligent Compaction provides a better maintenance record, elevated uniformity in compaction, automation, and enhanced productivity throughout the process.

These were some of the essential tips that we believe will help you improve the quality of paving to the next level. It is suggested to take services from experts in the case of asphalt pavement installation to achieve effective results.