Enterprise VoIP in 2022: How and Why to Choose Enterprise VoIP Providers for Small Business in 2022

Enterprise VoIP
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As more and more businesses move towards the remote working setup, efficient communication is now more vital than ever. Not every employee will have a fixed telephone line to use for the official purpose and getting a new line is quite costly and cumbersome, to say the least. This is the reason why VoIP, while in existence for a while, has gained traction in the last couple of years more than ever.

It further helps that most businesses witness average savings in the range of 50 percent to 70 percent after they make a switch to VoIP. Moreover, by picking VoIP over traditional phone service, small businesses can save up to 45 percent operation costs every month.

At this stage, where pandemic shows no sign of reaching the fag end and major companies like Facebook and Twitter are considering permanent work from home, VoIP is unavoidable. It’s efficient, inexpensive, and convenient. And with several providers guaranteeing uptime of over 99 percent, it’s stable as well.

In case you are a small business owner looking at VoIP options, you’re in the right place. The right small business phone service providers can be a tool for your business. Here’s a detailed guide on why and how to choose the best enterprise VoIP service provider in 2022.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Enterprise VoIP Provider

One of the first things to do before choosing an Enterprise VoIP is to figure out what exactly are your requirements as a small business. Knowing how many lines and extensions are needed and the purpose will help make the transition quick, convenient, and economical.

There are multiple VoIP phone systems and providers available in the market. These vary based on their feature sets and pricing. As a small business owner, you will need to decide what system features are required and anticipate any amount of unanticipated usage before picking an enterprise VoIP provider. Once you have determined your requirement, go through enterprise VoIP reviews to know about various providers and compare their offerings.

Some of the basic requirements for a good VoIP connection include internet, budget, and more. The first step should be to check if your workplace internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to support VoIP. Next up, narrow down VoIP service providers depending on your budget and requirements. Finally, decide on the best possible equipment for your company’s current and future needs. Consider VoIP phones manufactured by trusted brands like Cisco, Toshiba, and Panasonic.

Why Should You Choose an Enterprise VoIP Provider

There are multiple benefits of VoIP, which put businesses at an advantage. From cost-effectiveness to convenience, the list is huge. Here are some of the top advantages of VoIP for enterprises and small businesses.

Remote Working Flexibility

One of the main advantages of VoIP service is that it offers the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want. The VoIP service offers one virtual extension for your office, home office, and cell phone. When a call is received on the virtual extension, it will ring all your numbers simultaneously or in a sequence set by you. 

Moreover, when an outbound call is made using the VoIP phone system, the receiver call ID will always show your business phone number, regardless of which number you call from. This is a huge benefit for businesses and enterprises. 

Flexible Voicemail

Another benefit of VoIP is flexible options to retrieve business messages. VoIP service providers let you receive voicemail messages conveniently. Additionally, there’s a voicemail transcription service, which can be used to listen to the voice mails on the phone or have it sent to your phone as a text message for convenience. 

Virtual Receptionist Service

VoIP also lets businesses set an auto call attendant or virtual receptionist to greet callers. The feature works as an automated receptionist to route the call to the relevant department. It can be set up with customized greetings and menus to direct the call to the right department or extension for best resolution.

Business Messaging 

With the VoIP service, business owners can keep their work and personal phone numbers separate, even on the same device. VoIP lets users send business messages to associates or colleagues from the business number, no matter which device you use to send it.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution is one of the best features that VoIP offers to businesses. It can automatically route the call to connect to the right individual instead of routing it to a set of phone numbers. This improves the overall efficiency and operations of the business.

You are now armed with the knowledge of what you should look for in a VoIP provider and why VoIP is important for a business. In 2022, make a switch to VoIP and witness your business scale new heights.