Find Out Some Fascinating Details About Alexus Whilby

Alexus Whilby

Well, celebrities’ spouses are quite famous nowadays. Isn’t it? They too have a huge fan following like their partners. Today, we will be discussing the life of celebrity wife Alexus Whilby in this article. In fact, it is after marrying the star Kyle Chrisley that she came to the limelight.

Although the duo is now estranged, we do not have any confirmed news about their divorce. Different reasons have led to the separation of the couple. If you are curious to know all about them stay tuned to this article. We will discuss everything about who Alexus Whilby is as well as what led to the separation of the couple. Now let’s begin!

A Short Biographical Sketch

If you are reading this article it is quite obvious that you want to know more about this young sensation on social media. Let us provide you with some cool biographical details about Alexus Whilby here. She was born in 1991 in Georgia. Therefore she is presently 30 years old.  She comes from an African American family. However, she rarely speaks about her family. Although in 2017, she lost her father who was very close to her. 

Did You Know Alexus Whilby Grew Up in a Caribbean Household?

Well, Alexus’ ethnicity is probably common knowledge to her fans but you probably did not know about where she was raised. Let us discuss it here. Alexus belongs to the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Therefore her ethnicity is Jamaican-American.

In fact, Alexus is the daughter of the late Issac Whilby and Judy Malcolm. Although later on her parents separated. And her father passed away at the age of 63 in August 2017. Alexus also has two older siblings, Gregory Whilby and Patrick Whilby. All of them were born and brought up in Florida. We do not come to know much about Gregory but her second brother is a dentist in Atlanta.

Education and Career

Alexus has always been a great student. Therefore as far as her educational background is concerned she has excelled quite a lot in the academic field. She was in fact a student of the prestigious Oglethorpe University in 2014. Alexus holds a degree in Biopsychology. 

Furthermore, she was also quite active in different clubs during her college days. Moreover, she was the President of the French Club of her college. She is also well versed in different languages like Spanish, French, and English.

Moreover, after her graduation, she started working as an account manager for ALTA Language Services. She joined this company in 2014, right after her graduation, and is presently working there. Currently, she looks over the field of business development. Alexus’ hard work and dedication have also made her the joint owner, manager as well director of Home Design and Business Development at the Whilby company. 

Furthermore, she has also formed a band, Lexi & Kyle Chrisley along with her husband. In fact, the couple also released their first-ever single, Shame on You in 2014. Although this venture was a massive failure. 

Alexus and Kyle’s Meeting and Marriage

Unfortunately, the pair did not share any details as to how they met each other. However, we came to know that the couple married each other in a private ceremony in 2014. Although Alexus’s celebrity husband Kyle has a daughter with his ex-wife, Angel Victoria Johnson. We have never heard of Alexus getting involved in any controversies but his husband has had a series of problems with many of his family members.

Moreover, it is due to Alexus that Kyle is now free of drugs. When they both met each other Alexus was a complete drug addict. Since he was a celebrity kid, the limelight was taking him on the wrong path. It is in fact due to these reasons that Kyle had problems with his family members and things started worsening. But after Alexus came into Kyle’s life she showed him a new way of living his life. She helped him overcome his drug addiction. Kyle had also made a suicide attempt but did not succeed. It was Alexus’ support that helped him come back to normal life.

Why Did Alexus and Kyle Separate?

Our readers must be very curious to know the answer to this question. We will provide you with all the available news regarding what led to their divorce, right here. According to our sources, Alexus Whilby had lodged a complaint against her husband Kyle after he reportedly threatened to kill her. It was in 2019 when this incident took place. 

After Alexus’ complaint, the Oklahoma Police arrested Kyle over drug charges. In fact, soon after that, they found that he was wanted by the police for a long time. The reason being, threatening his wife. He had also sent his wife a few messages giving similar death threats. And since these incidents, the couple went separate ways. Although there is no confirmed news about them filing for a divorce.

Moreover, after separating from her abusive husband Alexus is happily living her life with her new girlfriend Ashleigh Nelson. We wish them to stay happy together in the future as well.

Final Thoughts

Alexus Whilby has again found the incentive in her life to remain happy with her new partner after going through a difficult time. In fact, she has also reached new heights in her professional life. Being in an important position she probably earns quite well to enjoy her life all by herself.

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