Best AI Essay Generator Tools

Best AI Essay Generator Tools

Technology has gradually been changing the education landscape. It has provided easy and quick access to learning materials beyond facilitating remote learning. It takes the form of gadgets, apps, and websites. Students now draft essays faster and post better grades, thanks to technology.

AI Essay Generator Tools
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The entry of artificial intelligence has made learning easier for students at different grades or levels. AI can generate topics, ideas, and sections or the entire essay. Here are excellent AI tools being used to generate essays for students at different grades.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI made headlines among the pioneer essay writing tools. Students love Jasper AI because of its versatile features. At a primitive stage, it wrote the best YouTube scripts, emails, and ads. Beyond the short text formats, it could write the best long-form academic paper. It rephrases your sentences and can accurately capture your writing intentions. It matches your essay with the target audience and overall intention.

Jasper is integrated into Grammarly to ensure that your essay will be coherent. It also works with Copy Scape to guarantee the originality of your essay. The tool provides one of the easiest-to-use interfaces. You can write as well as draw information from materials written in more than 30 languages. It supports live chats to answer your user questions and will highlight quotes or phrases that need to appear prominently. It is available in three affordable plans for businesses, individuals, and content creators. As a pioneer essay writing AI tool, it has numerous features that new comers cannot match.

Grammarly Go

Grammarly is famous for correcting the language part of writing. The developers have gone a notch higher to launch GrammarlyGo, a powerful essay writing assistant supported by AI. The app uses generative AI to enable writers to produce compelling content on different topics.

GrammarlyGo helps you to generate ideas, write chapters, or complete the entire paper in minutes. You can also get the best essays from, enabling you to submit your paper before the deadline. The app also checks the originality of your paper, resulting in the best paper. It has prompts that will enable you to generate the essay from scratch, avowing plagiarism or discussing similar topics. It provides an extension or may be used as a text-generating platform.


Writesonic ranks among the best essay writing AI tools because of its 4 languages model. The feature allows it to research deeply and craft high quality essays. The tool can paraphrase the areas cited from other sources, helping you to avoid plagiarism charges. It will also summarize the paper, resulting in such chapters as introduction or conclusion.

Writesonic is performed for long-form content like an essay. The AI essay tool also comes with a text expander and can incorporate particular keywords in your writing. At the same time, it will generate plagiarism-free content, enabling your essays to pass all requirements demanded by the department. The interface is easy to use, enabling you to get down to writing immediately after you download the app. It is one of the most affordable AI writing tool with a free trial version to make your work easier.

Textero AI

Textero AI writing tool is considered one of the most advanced tools that can write in natural language. Its user-friendly interface also shortens the learning curve, allowing students to begin working on the essay immediately after downloading the tool.

The levels of accuracy and coherence are also remarkable when writing your paper using Textero AI. It will analyze your prompts to generate a paper that will meet the expectations of scholars, researchers, and the department. It allows you to input specific instructions that may have been issued by the department. By considering the grammar, syntax, and flow, you will produce the most compelling essay.

AI Essay Writer

AI Essay Writer is a master of deep learning. It has simplified the most complex academic essays, making it easier for students to attain desired grades and qualifications. The speed of research and the papers referenced will blow your mind. The tool requires you to enter such details as the topic or prompt, subject, citation style, specific sources, and general description. Within a few clicks, it will have generated the best paper.

AI Essay writer produces an original paper at any level. It will also format the paper and cite sources in your desired style. The tool will also generate a bibliography that captures all your sources. Its interface is easy to use, allowing you to use it immediately after downloading. It has proven effective in generating essays on any topic and language. This gives you the best essay writing experience.

Learning tasks like writing essays and dissertations are now easier, thanks to AI. By reducing the time taken to complete a task, you can focus on other crucial engagements like starting a business or taking a part-time job. You can also pursue a challenging course without feeling the weight, thanks to AI essay writing tools.

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