Diamond Painting: Trends take off amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Diamond Painting

With the lockdown and restrictions imposed in several parts of the world, citizens have developed a desire for new pastimes as an attempt to fill their monotonous and aimless days with a bit of excitement. In such times, Diamond painting Kits, also known as ‘Crystal art’ or ‘Diamond cross-stitch’ has been an admirable source of amusement to all.

Diamond Painting

This form of mosaic art initially originated from Asia, but quickly spread towards the west, including Europe and the USA. Google trendsshow the increasing popularity of diamond painting in the past few years since it makes for a perfect hobby as it is engaging and easy to learn.

How To Make Them?

The project comes in a diamond painting kit which includes all the articles for starting – A canvas, tray, wax-pad, pen, tweezers, and most importantly, DIAMONDS. Crafters begin by placing their canvas on a dry and flat surface.

Diamond Painting arts

Then, a packet of single-colored diamonds is poured onto the tray and shaken lightly to spread evenly. Next, a wax-dipped stylus/pen is utilized to pick up the diamonds and gently place them onto the canvas according to their corresponding numbers.

Diamond Painting Kits

This is a time consuming process but once the project is completed, it leaves you with a sense of achievement. You can order you all necessary Tools for Diamond Paintings separately from online store as well. Once the painting is completed you could either frame and hang it as a decorative piece or add it to your collection of Diamond Art Painting Kits.

Why Are Diamond Paintings So Popular? 

  • The Pandemic– first and foremost reason for the rising demand for diamond paintings is our urge to spend our days doing some productive, at-home activities. As diamond art is a time-consuming pastime, ergo allows individuals to get through their mind-numbingly boring days.
  • Social Media – It aids in spreading news like wildfire. Crafters not only joined Facebook groups in huge numbers but also hosted groups and discussions. Art enthusiasts have participated in sharing tips, tricks, and their work across social media platforms including, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more; consequently, gaining popularity through a word-of-mouth marketing strategy.
  • Ideal For All Ages – There happens to be a misconception about such crafts, that they are suited to a certain age group, which is untrue. Toni Dinn from Keystone comicstells us about the wide range of customers she’s had. They include women ranging from the age of 20-80 along with a few men. Diamond painting is proven to be a great activity for children. Kids nowadays are crazy after cellphones, video games, or some harmful activity of the sort, which does nothing except reduce physical activity and have negative effects on a child’s physical, mental and intellectual health. Diamond art not only helps reduce their screen time but also assists their brain development by providing them a better understanding of colors and numbers. Although, it is not advised for kids under the age of three because they could choke on small diamond beads that come with it.
  • Unleashes The Inner Artist – The right hemisphere of the brain deals with creativity, which is stimulated by diamond art. Everyone needs a creative outlet of some sort but, unfortunately, is not exactly a born artist. Albeit, the easy-to-follow instructions of this particular craft can make us all feel like artists.
  • Improves Mental Health- As a result of the pandemic, mental health conditions deteriorated across the globe, however, the diamond-covered piece of art helps crafters relieve stress and is confirmed as meditative. “I often get feedback from people who suffer from anxiety. This craft really helps them a lot,” says Amirault.
  • Allows Some Alone Time-Even though people prefer to do this craft with a group of friends or with their families, diamond art also does wonders for when you need solitude. It could be just the perfect escape after a hectic day at work or school. Just put on some calming music in the background, grab your kit, and sit by the window with cold air gushing through; therapeutic.
  • Promotes Healthy Growth – Unlike other unhealthy hobbies, diamond painting nurtures a healthy mind and body. Placing the tiny beads onto the little tiles in the canvas requires attention to detail which exercises the mind and sharpens it to concentrate more on the minor details. Moreover, it improves hand-eye coordination, refining your motor skills.
  • Wide Range -These projects are available in a variety of themes ranging from flowers to animals, sceneries, abstracts, and designs. Canvases are sold in different sizes varying from 30 x 30 cm up to 100 by 160 cm. There is a wide variety of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, giving customers a broad range to choose from. And the best thing about diamond art is that it is super affordable and goes no more above than $30-$40 so that anyone can buy it and enjoy it while it lasts. Some retailers also offer a custom painting option, which allows them to print pictures of their pets, family, wedding, or special events to further personalize them.
  • Increased Family Time -Another great thing about such activities is that they encourage more family time. Family members could sit together with their canvases or work on a big one altogether. This way they could enjoy some quality time with their families and whenever they look at those canvases, it would bring back a flashback of memories.

Diamond Painting Arts

Diamond Painting Arts has continued to attract more and more customers over time and will soon be able to catch up with the popularity of traditional indoor activities in the arts and crafts industry which include jigsaw puzzles etc. With that said, trends come and go over time BUT few of them stay and become a significant part of our lives. Apparently, diamond painting isn’t amongst the trends which will disappear anytime soon.