Know A Few Riveting Facts About Bello Sisters From America’s Got Talent

Bello Sisters

If you do watch America’s Got Talent then you must have seen the Bello Sisters. They have indeed captured the hearts of people during the 15th season of the famous show. So, the Italian-german acrobatic trio sisters have become quite popular in the US.

So, do you know how old they are? Well, in this article, we will share a few riveting facts about them. For example, we will share how old they are and what place the Bello sisters did finish in the show.

A Brief About The Bello Sisters In AGT

As we said earlier, The Bello Sisters have won the hearts of both the audience and the judges with their awesome acrobatic performances. So, as it happens, if you do get fans then they’d want to know more about yourself. Well, this is exactly what we will discuss about the sisters.

So, the real names of the Bello sisters are Loren, Celine, and Joline Bello. They are the Italian-german acrobatic performers in the 15th season of America’s Got Talent show. It’s worth noting that they hail from a family of performance. So, in other words, they do have a family who are also as exceptional as them.

For example, their father performed in the Cirque du Soleil for around 12 long years. Moreover, their mother too was phenomenal as she was the first woman on earth to walk on a high wire with stilts only.

We know how awesome they were in the show, right? However, did you know that they worked on perfecting their act for three long years? In fact, they had to twist and contort their bodies into shape before heading to the AGT show. So, we can say that they have shown an amazing level of hard work and dedication towards their art form.

Here Are The Ages Of The Italian-German Sisters From AGT

So, now that we have elucidated on their family and a bit on themselves, let’s talk about their ages. Well, their age ranges from 23 to 14. So, Loren is the oldest one of the sisters and she’s 23 years old. Whereas, Celine is 22 and the youngest one is Joline, at 14.

The sisters came to the AGT show with a lot of hopes. Considering the fact that their entire family has devoted their lives to acrobatics and similar performances, they do want to win the show with their abilities.

How Did The Season Go For The Sisters

As we said earlier, The Bello Sisters came to the show with a lot of aspirations. They wanted to make their own headlines and perform really well. Of course, they won the hearts of both the audience as well as the judges as we said.

In the quarter-finals of season 15 of AGT, they performed an Acrobatics routine to Bishop Briggs song The White Flag. So, people loved the performance and therefore they had advanced to the next round, or in other words, to the semis. From the judges, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel voted for the sisters.

During the Series, they performed another acrobatic routine to Dorothy’s Wicked Ones song. Like the previous one, people loved the stint and the sisters even received a standing ovation. So, they made it to the next round or in other words, the Final of the show.

Well, despite making it to the finals, the sisters didn’t receive enough votes to enter the top five of the show. Therefore, they finished in the bottom 5 of the top 10 round. Moreover, due to the pandemic, they were unable to perform on stage at the finals. Therefore, they were seen performing their act from Germany MMC Studio. Brandon Leake won the 15th season of AGT.