Alaina Marie Mathers ✈️ All About Eminem’s Oldest Daughter

Alaina Marie Mathers
Alaina Marie Mathers was born as Amanda Marie Scott on May 3, 1993. She was born in Boston, the USA to Dawn Scott, Kim's twin sister,

Alaina Marie Mathers was born to Dawn Scott on 3rd May 1993 in the United States of America. Her name as per the birth certificate was Amanda Marie Scott. Her family comprises her mother, brother, and sister. 

Aliana was born in a troubled environment. She never knew her biological father as he was indifferent & didn’t support the twins. Marshall Mathers was Kimberly’s childhood friend before marrying her. He helped the twins in every possible way. Later Marshall became a well-known rapper who became Eminem. He fell in love with Kimberly and tied a knot.

After Eminem’s wedding, the relationship between Eminem and Aliana transformed into an uncle-niece relationship. Dawn Scott’s life wasn’t very great. According to Hollywood Mask, Dawn delivered Aliana at a very young age. Her age was only 18 years when she gave birth to Amanda (Aliana). Dawn Scott got into depression owing to her poverty. 

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She became a victim of drug addiction in the pretext of countering her depression. Aliana lived with her mother until the mid-2000s. Eminem tried his best to get Dawn Scott out of drug addiction, but it was of no avail. After 2000, Dawn’s condition deteriorated to the extent that she failed to recognize her husband and children. Looking at the mental state of her mother, Eminem legally adopted Amanda. Dawn Scott was battling her drug addiction for many years.

Even her boyfriend got worried as she was dependent on drugs to get her high. Eminem wanted to keep Aliana away from that atmosphere. Even though Aliana met her mother, she was close to Eminem’s daughters. Dawn Scott breathed her last on 9th January 2016. According to the sources, Dawn Scott died in a mobile home in Warren, owing to an overdose of heroin consumption. Aliana is now 26 years old & is 5-feet 6-inches tall.

Relationship between Dawn Scott and Kimberly Scott

Dawn Scott and Kimberly Scott have shared their relationship as twin sisters. They were born on 9th January 1975 to Kathleen Sluck and a father named, Casmier Sluck. As per Kidages, the stepfather of Scott sisters was sexually abusive. Kimberly and Dawn left home at the age of 13 as they were not safe in their house. That was the time the Scott sisters met Eminem and Marshall Mathers family.

Dawn Scott and Kimberly Scott

Alaina’s family after the adoption

The former had attained mastery over rap. Eminem was called the king of rap. After adopting Amanda, he changed her name to Aliana. She could experience a new family in Eminem, Kimberly Anne Scott, Jade Hailie, and Whitney. 

Eminem and Kimberly had brought up Alaina Marie Mathers as their daughter. Alaina had developed a strong bonding with Hailie and Whitney.

Aliana’s siblings

Aliana had hardly lived alone. She has four siblings that include her adopted siblings. Dawn Scott had left a brother and a sister for her. Her brother’s name is Adam Scott, and her sister’s name is Amy Scott. Before entering Eminem’s house as his daughter, Hailie Jade and Whitney Scott were her half-siblings. They became her adoptive siblings after Eminem and Kimberly took her custody. In all, Aliana has four siblings.

Adam Scott is Aliana’s twin brother

Yes, you heard it right. You might be wondering where he is living. Well, Adam is living with his father. Both of them have a low profile in their lives. Adam Scott was born as a physically and mentally challenged child. Dawn Scott was consuming drugs even during her pregnancy state. Adam needs special attention. Are you wondering how 

Dawn’s drug addiction didn’t affect Aliana? Well, luck was in Alaina’s favor. However, Adam was unlucky.

Alaina’s relationship with Eminem

Originally, Eminem was Kimberly’s childhood friend, who had supported Alaina’s family on behalf of her father. She became Eminem’s niece after he married her aunt. Aliana always called Eminem as uncle even after he had legally adopted her. Her bonding with Eminem is reliable and they share an excellent relationship. As a rapper, Eminem even mentions Alaina’s name in his songs. Aliana also praises him on the talk shows in which she had featured.

Education background

Alaina Marie Mathers had taken admission in a private school, named Seneca Middle School, situated in Michigan. In 2016, she enrolled at Oakland University and obtained a degree in public relations.

Family trouble after getting adopted

Though Eminem was successful in the music industry, he faced personal problems at home. He split his marriage with Kimberly after having caught her cheating on him in 2001. Now, he is only living with his daughters & had written about them in songs like:

  • Going through Changes
  • Crazy in Love and 
  • Mockingbird

Eminem had openly told that he loves his adopted daughters as much as Hailie.

Aliana’s personal life

Aliana was a down-to-earth person, yet she maintained a private life. She always preferred the stay away from the limelight. Aliana never signed up for any social media account. There have been no rumors regarding her affairs. 

Career & Alaina Marie Mathers Net worth

Eminem’s rap about his family had become common among the public. He always featured Aliana and Hailie in his raps. As per Hollywood, Eminem mentioned Aliana in Mocking Bird song, which became a hit. In that song, he notes that Aliana was too young and innocent to understand her surroundings. Eminem says that he’s proud of his daughters of what they have become. None of Eminem’s children, especially Aliana, had expressed their interest in participating in show biz. She has not taken up any job anywhere. However, Aliana is getting the benefits from Eminem’s $190 million estimates. Eminem had spent $375,000 each to buy matching necklaces for his daughters. It shows how much pleasure he gets in spoiling his daughters. Eminem has a net worth of millions every year, which covers her up for next year.

Some facts about Alaina Marie Mathers

  • Eminem adopted Aliana in the year 2002
  • Amanda Marie Scott got renamed as Aliana Marie Mathers
  • Aliana has a twin brother
  • Eminem bought a necklace worth $375000 for all his daughters.

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