A Look At The Jelly Roll And His Wife Bunnie Xo’s Love Story

Jelly Roll And His Wife Bunnie Xo’s Love Story

Tons of ardent supporters cannot wait to know the Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO’s love story surely taken straight from a Hollywood film for sure, because there are so many amazing facts about it. In fact, there’s no denying that the lovebirds have made the headlines with their scintillating love story that transcends everything that you know for sure. Now, it’s a very cool love story that we will tell you here that’s about Jelly Roll aka Jason DeFord, and his wife, Bunnie DeFord whom we know as Bunnie XO. 

So, it goes without saying that their love story is anything but average that we know. As such, fans cannot wait to find out more about these love birds like how they met, and all sorts of other fascinating details about their relationship. For example, we do know that they got together in 2016, on the 31st of August but their relationship is from way back, according to various facts. 

A Look Into The Love Story Between Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo

The celebrated couple, Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO’s love story has surely gained huge popularity owing to its unique facts and other factors. In fact, the fans of these two personalities have taken to the internet to express their desire to know more about them. So, if you are one of them, then you surely deserve to know their amazing life facts here right now in our article. 

Love At First Sight

So, a  lot of people might already know this but let us once again tell you for the new readers or the other fans who know these two people just recently, Jelly Roll and his beautiful wife actually met and they fell in love at the first sight. In fact, one should also note that they met each other for the first time on one street in Fremont, LA, USA. 

So, according to various reports, Jelly Roll was actually playing in front of the audience at that time and that’s when saw Bunnie XO, standing beside a bar named LCVS. So, as we can surmise, it was love at first sight because she didn’t fail to catch his attention at all. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Bunnie XO didn’t know who Jelly was at that time, and that’s why it didn’t matter as well as they hit it off and went through love at first sight. So, there’s no denying that it was a passionate thing between the two as they saw each other on the street in LA and found love. 

Love At First Sight

Marrying in the Same City They Met

So, it is also worth noting that the duo, Jelly Roll, and his wife Bunny XO’s love story would have been incomplete if they didn’t return to the city they met and tied the knot there. In fact, many people already know this fact already that the famous duo, Jelly and his wife Bunnie actually tied the knot in the same city where they met as we told you just now. So, both of them actually came out of toxic relationships and that’s why they somehow struggled in the initial days of their relationship. 

However, that didn’t stop their love, as they found a means to stay by each other’s side as we can tell. So, many reported sources have told us that Jelly Roll said that both of them were drunk and they headed to a courthouse, and in an absolutely wild decision as it was, they ended up tying the knot. Talking about it, they called it the best decision of their life as they felt that they were made for each other and found love. 

Summing It Up

Summing It Up

At the end of the day, it’s worth noting that Jelly Roll’s beautiful and supportive wife is a very good and supportive stepmother as well to Jelly’s daughter Bailee Ann and son, Noah. So, at the moment, they are living really happily and we have to say that they have the perfect family. 

In fact, throughout their life, they have always stood by each other’s side and provided a lot of support to each other during the time of need. As such, they have become so popular on the internet and so many people follow their tale of love as well. 

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