LED Bulbs And Their Variations

LED Bulbs

The full form of LED is known as the Light emitting diodes. They are not only good for decorating rooms but they can also give a gorgeous look to the vehicles. They are actually a very eco friendly lighting solution that has become preferable for all.

Since the day it has come to the market, the LED Bulbs have become very popular and high on demand. There are some best LED light bulbs online India that is available and they are suitable for every kind of customers. One can buy those lights depending on the need.

Miniature LED

There are like the indicators of television sets, mobile phones, digital cameras and remote controls. These lights are mainly used to produce very small but very effective beam of low range light. They are compatible enough to be used in any kind of circuit boards. They are absolutely ready to fit and come very handy.

 Application specific LED

As per the name they are customised well so that they can be application specific and the customer can use them according to their needs. They are mostly used in the public display, display screens and some digital bill boards. These LEDs are mainly available in a bi colour or a tri colour combination.

LED Stripes

These stripes mainly contain some high powered LEDs that are mounted on a very thin and flexible circuit board and this is done with the help of an adhesive coating. When they are lighted, it can look like a strip of small twinkling stars that are beaded together. They are mainly used to decorate the vehicles and kitchens with some accent lighting.

Reflector LED Lamps

They are mainly used to light up a bigger area with the help of directional bulbs. These lamp lights are mainly decorated in a uniform beam pattern and they have a very less energy consumption. They are also very sensitive to UV light emission.

Down Lights

They are mainly dimmable and they can produce very sophisticated lightings. They mainly come with a very professional and sleek design and so one can easily put them up in professional or working areas. They can be converted easily and can be fitted on the wall.

LED spots

There are different kinds and sizes of LED spots that are present in the market. They can easily cover the customer’s need. They are bright as lights and at the same time they are durable enough having longer life spans. That is why’; they generally attracts more customers.

LED Candle bulbs

These are also very popular among the customers. They are deem and warm kind of lights that give people a candle effect but again they are mainly used for decorative purposes. They can be installed on a ceiling or in the garden or at the entrance of the house. One can also fit them on a chandelier if needed. They are also available in different shapes and colours.

One can buy led bulbs for home online shopping and they can choose any from the above mentioned varieties.

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