5 Compelling Benefits of Joining a New Chef’s App in Sydney and Melbourne

Chef’s App in Sydney

Mastering culinary skills is an art and you have successfully done it as a chef. When you still have the spark of venturing out, are you a game for a unique career? No, we are not talking about a complete career switch but the platform only. Now, you can join an app and cook from home.


In this online application, the chefs and amateur cooks put up their menus and customers place orders. There is no strict regulation on the working hours while multiple benefits are available. Let’s have a look at the advantages of joining the chefs app in Sydney and Melbourne.

Serving the Fusion of Local and Global

The app encourages everyone with basic cooking skills; however, the chefs have a special advantage, undoubtedly. Going beyond the menu of sandwich and salad, they can offer an international spread. From Chicken Curry to Margherita Pizza, there are plenty of ways to surprise the customers. When the app already has home cooks on board, you can always stand out in the crowd as a chef. Where does your expertise lie – in Japanese or Italian? If you are comfortable with authentic Australian cuisine, give the epicures a taste of your skill.

Using the Cook Account

Instead of following the same menu every day, the app offers an amazing opportunity – fix the menu. Yes, through the Cook Account, everyone can let the customers know what they are serving. It is not mandatory to prepare the same dish every week; rather you can change as you wish. The main concept behind the app is that the cook can prepare one or more dishes of any style and change it via this section. In addition to the context, the chef can decide how many dishes he/she can cook for the day. Therefore, using the Cook Account, the user can change an offer anytime.

Money Credited to Account Directly

There is another beauty of the app! Since the customers contact the cooks directly, they are paid right away. This means the customers are paying the chefs and the amount reflects on their bank account instantly. Do not worry about the hidden service charges because the app does not incur one extra penny. The option has been added to make the app more functional and convenient among the professional and amateur cooks.

Pleasure of Self-Employment

The app is designed to make everyone perceive the pleasure of self-employment. Most importantly, there is a high earning potential if you can strategize well. The shortcomings are hard to ignore because they are part and parcel of every job on earth. After joining the app, you can sharpen your problem-solving and time-management skills while delivering the orders on time. Gradually, the sense of self-empowerment will seep in.

For a Better Quality of Life

As a self-employed cook, you can systematically manage professional and personal stress. The main mantra of success is on your shoulders because you are responsible for accepting the orders and setting the menu each and every day. You can choose the duty hours and benefit from the flexible hours. If your kids and loved ones are at home, ask them to join you in the kitchen. Not only will you be able to finish up soon but you can also spend quality time together with your family. Nowadays, many cooks choose to work for a certain period of month or week and take rest for days. If you have another hobby other than cooking, utilise the time to decorate a room or finish a novel. Even if you are bugged by wanderlust, set out whenever you are free.

So, put on your apron, download E-mycook, and start earning without even stepping out from home!

Author bio: Eleanor Wilson is a home cook and blogger who has joined E-mycook to earn extra money at her leisure. Here, she talks about the exciting benefits that come along with this chefs app in Sydney and Melbourne.

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