8 Best Study Apps For Students

8 Best Study Apps For Students

Do you ever feel like your study habits are not good enough? Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to improve your performance in class and on exams? Well, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Many students realize that their high school study habits do not translate well to college.

That is understandable given how different college is from high school. However, that doesn’t mean you’re bad at studying; it simply means you need to change your studying methods. So, what is the best way of learning?

While there are several ways to go about it, many successful students prefer using studying apps as these increase productivity. For example, some apps allow students to take notes, record lectures, share files, manage tasks, etc. With that in consideration, here comes another question: which apps are the best? We are here to give you a complete breakdown of some of the apps that can help you improve your study methods.


Quizlet is popular among both students and teachers. You can use the app to make your study materials across various subjects or use a vast library of course material created by other Quizlet users. Professors also use it to create tests and challenges for their students by providing customized resources and then sharing them online, in or out of the classroom.

Quizlet is beneficial for post-graduate students as it allows you to create your dynamic flashcards and materials. So if you’re studying for a degree that requires a lot of focus, like a general MBA you can use the Quizlet app to ease the educational process.


Let’s get one thing straight: Cheatography is not an app for cheating. There are other places you can go for that, and you can take your chances, but understand that nothing good will come from it. Cheatography, on the other hand, can do a lot of good. It is a vast, crowd-sourced assortment of cheat sheets on numerous different topics, with over 2500 cheat sheets and counting.

These cheat sheets provide you with concise, easy-to-read information on the subject you need to learn. Cheatography began with cheat sheets for coding and programming, and this remains one of their most popular collections. Still, there are also sheets for cooking, hobbies, business, and more.


Are you searching for an app to help you compile, create, and organize notes while keeping track of your other tasks? Evernote is truly an all-rounder and one of the best student apps, and it’s also regarded as one of the best note-taking apps. 

You can take notes from drawings, text, photographs, audio footage, and online web content. You can save your notes in electronic notebooks, and you can further label, edit, annotate, and have linked attachments.

It’s also simple to assign tasks within your notes and give them dates with an intuitive task management system, ensuring that none of your research falls through the cracks.


Some of us require a little outside motivation to maintain focus while studying, and that’s perfectly fine. However, the Forest app offers a graphical incentive by allowing you to plant a virtual tree and hold that tree captive until your study session is complete.

Would you like to check your Instagram for a moment? Are you tempted to do some online shopping in between textbook chapters? Whatever it is, proceed with caution. You’ll have to accept that your tree will wither and die first. However, if you stick to your focus time, you’ll be able to enjoy watching your trees grow fully. You can create an incredible digital forest over several study sessions – a delightful reminder of all your productive hours.

iStudiez Pro Legend 

Every student needs a schedule planner. Right? iStudiez is one of the most remarkable scheduling apps for students as it allows for effective management. The app, available for most mobile platforms and Windows and Mac computers, will enable you to keep track of your daily study schedule, homework assignments, exams, and even your grades.

As long as you remember to keep it up to date with your most recent assignment deadlines and the like, you’ll never miss anything. The app will notify you when each item is due and can even be integrated with third-party calendars such as Google Calendar.


Then there’s Brain.fm, which isn’t your typical online radio station. Numerous scientific studies prove music is good for the mind and body – meditation, elevation, relaxation, and concentration – but finding the right music can be challenging.

You’re doing it wrong if you’ve ever spent an hour trying to find the ideal study music, going back and forth from one Spotify playlist to another. Brain.fm claims to be the most sophisticated music AI ever created. But, even if you don’t know anything about AI, you can tell they’re doing something right. Settings for calm work, focus, and sleep on a deeper level are available to help improve brain function. So take it away, Mozart!

Oxford English Dictionary

Are you tired of carrying heavy books around all the time? With the free mobile version of the Oxford English Dictionary from Oxford University Press, you can take your dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary of English is recognized as the ultimate authority in studying and referencing the English language – and a handy tool for all academics – with more than 150 years of research behind it.

The mobile app includes over 350,000 words, sayings, definitions, and over 75,000 audio pronunciations of some more complex words. Thanks to the apps ‘ daily notifications, you can even improve your vocabulary by learning a new word every day.


With as much time as we spend on our computers and phones, browsing through web pages with so much content, it isn’t easy to read everything. And this is a shame because it could be helpful in your studies. If only there were a way to save things for later without having them disappear.

Hello there, Pocket. This app allows you to save videos, articles, and other web content for reading on your computer, phone, or tablet in an easy-to-read and vibrant format. In addition, it includes tagging and powerful search tools, allowing you to organize web pages by subject. It also works well with apps such as Facebook, Flipboard, Evernote, Twitter, to name a few.


There’s no denying that being a student in the 21st has its pros, including access to cutting-edge apps to help with all aspects of student life. All of the above-said apps aim to give you an advantage in studying and assist you with your schoolwork in various ways. We recommend combining the ones that appear to be relevant to you. Just give them a test run before committing to any premium memberships. So start searching, downloading, and getting ready to make the most of your smartphone. 

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