Dominick Wright Eazy-E Son, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Dominick Wright

Dominick Wright is an actor by profession who is well known for playing roles in Count On Me and Mistaken. His parents are popular personalities, and that is why, from a young age, he wanted to become an actor. Wright is also a biker and Model. He also has performed stunts for many films. Although not many details are available about Dominick Wright, there are some which you will find interesting. So know about Dominick wright Biography here as we have gathered all the information available. 

Dominick Wright : Background information 

The birth date of Dominick Wright is 1990. His nationality is American. His father is late rapper Eazy-E. The name of his mother is Tomica Woods, who is a film producer. From a young age, he is a well-known personality because of the popularity of his parents. He is an African-American. 

Information about Dominick Wright parents 

Siblings: Daijah Wright, Erin Bria Wright, Lil Eazy-E, Baby Eazy-E (E3)
Parents: Eazy-E, Tomica Wright
Grandparents: Richard Wright, Kathie Wright
Uncle: Kenneth Wright
Aunt: Patricia Wright

  • His father Eric Lynn Wright

The professional name of his father is Eazy-E. He is a popular American rapper and songwriter. His birth date is September 7, 1964, and his birthplace is Compton, California, U.S. A source claimed that he had affairs with eleven different women. He died in 1995 as a result of complications due to AIDS. While he was alive, he was a famous rapper and released tracks that made him the Godfather of gangsta rap. Some critics call him a legend and some also considered him as a controversial figure of that age. 

His first wife was Eric Darnell Wright whom he married in 1984. With her, he had a daughter named Erin. Wright met his second wife Tomica Woods at a nightclub in Los Angeles. He got married to her twelve days before his demise. His son Dominick was born when he was alive; however, his daughter Daijah was born six months after his demise. 

  • His mother Tomica Woods 

Tomica Woods worked as a secretary to Clarence Avant after she graduated from West Los Angeles College. She married Eazy-E when he was suffering from the effects of H.I.V. She took over the record label of her husband Ruthless Records after his death. 


Dominick Wright is trying to get a big break in the acting industry. He has acted in movies such as The Money, Mistaken, Count on Me and lots more. Moreover, he can be seen in films and T.V. series such as Loyal Betrayal, God Said No, Indiewood, Along with his interests in acting he also prefers to travel the world with his excellent bike. Many of his posts on Instagram are with his bikes, and many people give likes for the photos. Sometimes Wright also models for some companies and performs stunts in the films. He has acted in a production titled “Dante’s L.O.G.: Chronicles of an Assassin” which will release shortly. He has played the role of a henchman in the film. The film is going to be sinister and mysterious. He came in a short interview on a popular Youtube channel. There are also exciting videos of him on his bike available on Youtube. 

Personal life

He has many half brothers and sisters because his father got involved with many women when he was alive. Some of his family members are popular like his half-sister Erin Bria Wright who is a singer. Then another one of his siblings Lil Eazy-E became a rapper like their father. 

Although Dominick posts pictures with many girls, he is not dating any of them. There is no information about his dating life. It seems as if he prefers bikes more than girls. But he is keeping his relationships private. He has many followers on Instagram who enjoy his interesting posts. The actor has lots of tattoos on his arms which he flaunts in social media. 

While travelling Wright posts pictures about the different kinds of food he eats in restaurants. He likes to go to many different places and pass his time. Furthermore, he likes modelling. Once he posed with several dogs that received lots of likes on Instagram. He is very close with his mother, Tomica. He posted a picture with her during the mother’s day to thank her. He also has a close bond with his sister Daijah. @actordominick is his Instagram account. 

The net worth of Dominick Wright 

We do not know the net worth of Dominick Wright, but we know that he is a rich man. His mother’s net worth estimate is $10million. She is a producer and the owner of her husband’s company Ruthless. Wright makes a lot of money in his acting and modelling career. He also works as a stuntman. In the future, we can expect him to act in many movies. He may create a name for himself in the acting industry. But at the same time, he is enjoying his life. He loves his bike rides more than anything. 


Dominick Wright is an upcoming actor. He also has his passions and hobbies. He is enjoying his life to the fullest. 

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