Does Ups Drug Test? What Should The Job Candidates Have To Know?

Does Ups Drug Test

You may have heard about the drug test requirement if you are trying to get a job at UPS. So does UPS drug test? Yes, they do, and they require drug tests for some positions. The requirement for the tests can also depend on the location. UPS offices in some places may strictly require drug tests, and it is mostly required from those candidates applying for corporate or administrative positions. 

Even though drug tests are not often required, UPS has the right to take random drug tests of their employees anytime. It particularly happens if there are any accidents in the workplace or if there is suspicion of substance use. These periodic drug tests ensure that the employees are clean of drugs and prevent future accidents. Most often, UPS drivers also must take the physical tests conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

So if you are trying to apply for a position at UPS, what tests can you expect from the company? Have a look at the important details you have to know. 

Details about UPS 

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a renowned package distribution and supply chain management in the United States. It is one of the world’s most profitable parcel handling and delivery services. The company is very serious regarding drug testing of their employees and is strict when hiring eligible candidates. The candidates must clear the drug tests to get the job. They have a very elaborate substance-testing scheme in their UPS Code of Business Conduct’s Drug and Alcohol policy. 

Does UPS drug test the job candidates? 

Yes, the UPS job candidates should undergo pre-employment drug tests on the job candidates. So the candidates must clear the drug test to become eligible for the job. Most often, the job candidates for driver jobs and package handler jobs may have to undergo drug tests. Plus, the new hires must pass the 5-panel urine drug test based on the DOT guidelines.

The interview process of UPS is elaborate. They test the many skills of the candidate to check whether they are suitable for the job. The initial stages of the interview do not require a drug test. But as the candidates are shortlisted for the job, the drug tests begin, so if you want to become eligible for the job, you have to clear the drug tests. 

The test ensures that the candidate is free of illicit drugs. Strictly no evidence of drugs should be found on their body. The recruits have to pass the drug test before signing the job contract. 

Does UPS drug test employees? 

Most often, employees in UPS have to undergo drug tests randomly. The organization has the right to do it based on its policy. Compared to the other employees, the employees working in the warehouses are exposed to random drug tests. The package handlers must undergo drug tests for their managers to know they are sober. It is for their safety because they operate forklifts, so they must be active and careful. A forklift is a heavy machine, so they must handle it properly. That is why UPS always arranges random drug tests for its warehouse workers. 

What is a five-panel urine drug test? 

The five-panel urine drug test is the most common of the drug tests used by Government agencies. So it is used by UPS too to drug test their employees and job candidates. This drug test checks for common drugs like THC, Opiates, PCP, Amphetamines and cocaine. 

When does UPS conduct drug tests? 

Other than the usual random drug tests, there are particular times and situations when UPS conducts drug tests. These are the following situations. 

  • If there are any red flags at the time of employing a candidate. Even if they pass the drug test to get the job, the company may arrange it again to double-check their sobriety. It only happens for candidates who look doubtful of the company. 
  • The company may arrange a drug test if any employee misbehaves or if they reveal any unusual behavior. 
  • If an employee comes to work in an intoxicated manner, they have to undergo a drug test.  

Does UPS hire ex-convicts? 

In some locations in the USA, UPS may hire ex-convicts. It may help the candidates rebuild their lives, but it depends on the company and the location. But UPS may hire them for something other than managerial positions. They may only get jobs in the warehouse, such as in the positions like package handlers. 

During the hiring process, the company will not discriminate against ex-convicts. So these job candidates must undergo the same basic hiring process as the others. 

Final thoughts 

If your question does UPS drug test? Yes, it conducts drug tests for its employers and recruits. So you have to clear this drug test to get the job.