Best Family Cars to buy in 2022

Best Family Cars to buy in 2022

Purchasing a family car means spending a bit more on the hatchbacks and SUVs for your family. Crossover models are slowly getting the hype as family cars. 

2022 has seen the car sales rising to Pre-COVID levels. If you are looking to gift your family a new hatchback or SUV, here is a list to make the right choice from:

  • Skoda Octavia: Want to experience a premium experience at a family friendly price? Skoda Octivia is the one for you. Unmatched interiors with budget-friendly pricing and highly efficient petrol & diesel engines make it a desirable one.

    What’s more interesting is it can cover more than 30 miles using electricity, while the CO2 emission is less than 30g/km. You save on taxes & you save on operational cost – huge savings!

    Royal quality, king-like comfort and excellent pricing makes it a must-have if it is your first vehicle. The price range starts from £22,000, it stands out in performance, thus being the Family Car of the Year award in 2021.

  • VolksWagen ID.3: This is undoubtedly at the top of the ID Badged family in the family vehicle niche. With excellent mileage support & comfortable leg room, VolksWage ID.3 is really cool family member to add.

    The specifications for the mileage show that for about 58 kWh of charging, it can run for 260 miles, whereas for about 77 kWh of charging, you get 336 miles.

    It comes along with great viability, wide glasses & large screens. You can enjoy the quick charging from 10-80% within 30 minutes, if you get your hands on a car with 100 kWh charging capacity.
  • Citroen Berlingo XL: If you are looking to break free from the traditional styles of the family cars, Citroen should be your first choice. An absolute blend of chivalry and humility, the car comes with extra space, posh interiors & exciting design.

    Space will never be a concern as the seats can be flipped & folded easily. Taking inspiration from the EMP2 platform by Peugeot-Citroen, the ride is a smooth one, and if its fully loaded, you might not experience the bump as well.

    Purchasing a secondhand Citroen can be a right choice if you are looking to have the first family vehicle for you. You should look into citroen used cars for sale and get yourself a great car at a great price.
  • Kia e Niro: An Auto Express Award Winner, Kia e-Niro is a completely electric vehicle, with the battery either of 39 kWh or 64 kWh. With a high pickup speed, it runs as fast as a hatchback, hitting 60 mph within 8 seconds.
    No engine noise and no disturbance while travelling, the ride is smooth with 451 litre boot space inside.

    The quick charging ability of the EV batteries make them a bang for the buck. Using a 50 kW DC charger, you can get 80% charging done in just 75 minutes for a 64 kWh battery.
  • Skoda Superb: This family friendly car is spacious, sleek, comfortable and even more attractive with the addition of plug-in hybrid version.

    With great legroom, there is a reduction in the bootsize due to the placement of the engine in the front end. Yet, there is 485 liters still available.

    Travelling on the UK roads means that the balance is very crucial. Skoda Superb offers this balance, with excellent steering and firm grip – yet the exterior boasts of royalty and true class.

    A true gem to land your hands on.

Bottom line: Having the right family vehicle can improve the pleasure of your trip. Making the right choice and the right investment, comes through research and comparison. So, make sure to have your research done, before finalizing on the vehicle.