3 Steps to Save You from Drowning in Your Literature Review

Literature Review

Students generally write a descriptive dissertation rather than writing a critical dissertation. The dissertation requires critical thinking. The student should improve critical thinking capability by writing a good literature review. Most of the Ph.D. programs have a mindset that students have good critical thinking qualities but actually it is not so. In a literature review, a student will go through a lot of statements, the thesis of various authors. To decide what to write in a literature review statement requires critical and analytical thinking. To understand the perspectives and perceptions of the various authors a student can also take literature review help. In this article, we will discuss how a student can write a good literature review without drowning in the statements of authors.

 Tips to write a good literature review

  • Be critical – thinking critically and understanding that what you are writing is related to what you actually want to discuss and not just writing because it is related to the subject. You should be neither criticizing nor favorable you just have to be evaluative while writing your literature review. You should write the background information about the topic so that the problem of your research can be understood
  • Don’t drown instead swim – by drowning I mean don’t get lost in the statements but swim and understand the statements. While reading various statements of different authors it is obvious that you might get lost in the statements and thesis of the previous researchers. You deviate from the topic and start thinking descriptively rather than analytically. You get lost in the complicated theories of the authors and start writing the statement of the authors rather than analyzing them first and after writing it. Another thing to remember is not to express your own arguments and statement. A literature review is all about critically analyzing the statements of various authors and none of your own.
  • Read and write – thinking critically and analyzing the statements of various authors you need to read a lot on the subject for the topic of your research proposal. When you read anything for the first time just try to understand it rather than starting analyzing it for the first time. You will fail in properly analyzing the statement if you do it in the first time of your reading. So read all the statements and as many statements as possible until you start critically analyzing the facts and statements of the researchers. This will help you to naturally analyze the statements more effectively rather than reading with the aim of analyzing the statement.

Final note

 It is important to write a good literature review in order to get acceptance for the research proposal. You can take the help of a research proposal writer to improve the flaws in a literature review and make it perfect.