What Is The Highest Paying Job In Florida? What Qualifications Do You Need To Get It?

highest paying job in Florida

Are you aiming to get the highest paying job in Florida? The state is not only popular for alligators and panthers but also for jobs that pay well. If you are desirous of becoming a great professional, you are in the right place. You can find about the popular jobs in Florida that pay a high salary. Do you know what the highest paying position in Florida is? It is none other Physicians and Finance Managers. 

Most of the highest paying jobs are in the medical field. Therefore you can get qualified in the science and medical field to work as a physician, clinician or dentist. But there are also other areas as well like the Finance and Law. 

All the details about “What Is The Highest Paying Job In Florida?

  • Marketing Managers

The Average salary is $119,450 a year

Marketing Manager is an illustrious job position in Florida. They plan and direct policies in the market. They also determine the product demand and help identify potential customers. They must develop pricing strategies to maximize the firm’s profits. They also monitor market trends and adapt to them.  

To become a Marketing Manager, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing or related fields. You have to know about consumer behavior. It is also good to pursue MBA. 

  • Internal Medicine Physician

The average salary is $184,371 a year 

The Internal Medicine Physician is a professional medical expert. They have scientific knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of adults. They take care of patients with acute to chronic diseases. Plus, they focus on health care and disease prevention. As their job title suggests, they help the patient heal from the inner disease instead of the external ailments. As part of their job description, they understand the pathological causes of the disease in order to heal it. 

If you finish the basic medical degree, there are many programs to study and become an Internal Medicine Physician. Then after completing the studies, you can practice as an Internal physician also known as Primary care physician. 

  • Pharmacists

The average salary is $119,710 a year

A career in Pharmacology is the highest paying job in Florida. A Pharmacist dispenses the drugs to the patients prescribed by the health practitioners. They also offer important information to the patients about the medication. Also, they are experts in the right dosage, use and other details of the drugs. If there are any side effects, they share them with the doctors and the patients. 

You have to finish a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy to get qualified. Also, you have to do an MPharma Programme and get a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. Then have to get a proper license to work at a pharmacy or run a pharmaceutical store. 

  • Lawyers 

The average salary is $128,920 a year

No one can deny that a career in law is a prestigious profession. If you have great skills and get experience, you can get a chance to earn money in this career. The law professionals represent their clients in criminal and civil litigation and help draw legal documents. They also advise their clients on their legal transactions. They may specialize in a single area or all areas of the law. For instance, some lawyers specialize in various areas like Real estate law, Civil law, Tax law, Family law and more. 

To become a Lawyer, you have to get a law degree and also aim for Masters in Law. Then you have to take a law entrance exam and score great marks. Apply to join a law school and internships at law firms. 

  • Family Physician

The average salary is $172,179 a year

Many people consult the Family Physicians in Florida; hence it is a high-paying job in the state. They help to diagnose and treat illnesses most importantly for families. They do regular checkups for their patients and know their complete medical history. So they can offer excellent personal medical service to their patients. They help their patients to lead a healthy life. They specialize in heart disease, stroke, asthma, hypertension, and much more. 

To become a Family physician, you require extensive knowledge beyond medical school. You have to know to handle families and provide the best patient care possible. You must do a three-year residency and understand the human lifespan from birth to death. Have to receive training in major medical areas like pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, surgery and more. 

  • Financial Manager 

The average salary is $132,850 a year

Financial Managers plan and direct the processes like investing, securities, insurance and more. So they are experts on all the financial aspects of the branch, department or establishment. They find out unique ways for profit maximization. Many Managers work full-time and others work many hours a week to succeed in their profession. 

You have to get a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the job. Also require five years of experience in other fields of finance like as an Accountant, Financial Analyst and similar jobs. 

Final thoughts 

There are many highest paying job in Florida. You can choose the job you want, but become qualified and build up your resume to reach your goals.