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Hunger Games

The world of Hunger Games is a gigantic one with lots of interesting details easy enough to miss. So, that’s why, we have tons of Hunger Games facts for the fans of the series. Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games is a scientific dystopian adventure that also has movie adaptations. Perhaps as a fan of this amazing series, you have already reread the books and watched all the films over and over again. 

However, there are always a few details that we tend to miss out. So, whether you have watched the Hunger Games movies, or read the books, there are a lot of facts out there. In this article, we shall provide you with some of the best facts about the Hunger Games. 

These Are Some Of The Hunger Games Facts 

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has garnered tremendous popularity from readers and critics alike. In fact, the success of the trilogy also made the movie adaptations happen. With Jennifer Lawrence in the lead, The Hunger Games movies did pretty well at the box office. So, as we mentioned earlier, there are lots of facts to know about The Hunger Games. If you are reading this article for those Hunger Games facts, then you don’t have to worry anymore. So, in this article, we shall present you with all the facts that you need to know about this awesome franchise. 

1. The Idea Of The Hunger Games Had Inspirations From A Reality TV and The Iraq War

According to Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, a reality TV show and the footage of the Iraq war influenced her work a lot. So, as a writer of a novel, you do need some sort of inspiration. Suzanne Collins’s father was in Vietnam War. That’s why, she learned a lot of things from her father. 

However, in an interview, Suzanne said that apart from the stories she heard from her father, there were other things that influenced her work in a way. For example, she watched a reality TV show and also saw footage of the Iraq War. These things influenced her in a big way. So, these “two things began to sort of fuse together in a very unsettling way…”, as Suzanne said. 

2. Vietnam Banned The Hunger Games

Survival of the fittest is a concept that we are all familiar with, right? Well, Suzanne Collins has taken this concept to introduce a scenario where kids have to battle each other for survival, in a death-match situation. The fact that we had to see a kid like Rue die in front of our eyes was quite unsettling. Even though it was ‘fake’ ( as it was a scene in the movie), for Vietnam, it was just too much. In other words, they were quite sensitive about this franchise and that’s what led to the movie being banned in Vietnam. 

A Reality TV and The Iraq War

3. Jennifer & Liam’s Kissing Experince

So, most of the fans have already seen the kissing scenes between Jennifer and Liam Hemsworth right? However, people may not know that Jennifer, before filming kissing scenes with Liam, would eat bad-smelling food, such as tuna fish, garlic, etc, to make her breath smell. In fact, Liam said in an interview that kissing Jennifer in HG was an uncomfortable situation. Jokes aside, the duo also kissed each other off-screen. However, it was a platonic relationship between Jennifer and Liam. 

4. Jena Malone’s Naked Scene Wasn’t Fake

 If you are reading this article for some interesting behind-the-scenes Hunger Games facts, then you are at the right place. So, according to the reports, the Jena Malone scene in Hunger Games was real. In other words, she was really naked in that hotel trip scene in Catching Fire. That’s not all, she said, “I turned to go, and the elevator doors opened…there was a guy holding two cups of coffee from Starbucks trying to get onto the elevator. I just walked out…I was like, OK Keep going! And he was totally unfazed.

5. The Hunger Games Set Had Hundreds Of Wigs 

A lot of work goes into putting up an awesome film. So, did you know the reason why the people of The Capitol looked stunning almost all the time? It’s a pretty simple reason, the set of The Hunger Games had hundreds of wigs all the time. In fact, around 35 makeup artists worked in this series. Moreover, there were more than 450 wigs on the set for the first film, Hunger Games. Furthermore, the first film also had 40 hairstylists and 20 cosmetology students on the set. 

Jena Malone’s Naked Scene Wasn’t Fake

6. Jennifer’s Nickname Was ‘Plays With Fire’

So, here’s a fact that you probably didn’t know about Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games. Apparently, the Oscar Winning actress, Jennifer’s nickname as a child was Plays with Fire. Why’s that, you ask? Well, it’s because her parents used to play with fire when Jennifer was born and that’s how ‘they got burned’. It’s really ironic that Jennifer would be later known as Girl on Fire in Hunger Games. 

7. Suzanne Collins’ Father Was Also An Inspiration Behind The Work

The post-war dystopian world of Suzanne Collins has lots of readers or fans from all around the world. So, in an interview, Suzanne Collins said that her father who fought in the Vietnam War had inspired her a lot. 

8. Suzanne Learned How To Hunt From Her Father

Now, one might ask how did Suzanne Collins have so much knowledge about hunting and survival. Even though she had to go through intense and thorough research about everything, her father’s contribution is a lot, in this case. For example, Suzanne’s familiarity with the poverty, that she portrayed in Hunger Games, came largely from her father’s stories. 

So, it’s worth noting that due to circumstances, Suzanne’s father grew up during the time of the Great Depression. Therefore, his family had to depend a lot on hunting and foraging. All of these stories that she heard from her father inspired her and found places inside the pages of the books. 

Suzanne Learned How To Hunt From Her Father

9. The Author Of The Hunger Games Didn’t Have A Plan Initially For The Second or Third Book

So, it’s worth noting that the author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, initially didn’t have any plans to write two more books. In other words, she didn’t plan to make a trilogy of the story. However, having reached near the end of the book she realized that there was room for more. She felt that there had to be a sequel to The Hunger Games. This is how she managed to write Catching Fire and Mockingjay. 

10. Jennifer Lawrence’s Salary For The Hunger Games Movies Was $26m

There’s no denying the fact that the cast of the Hunger Games movies made a lot of money. For example, Jennifer Lawrence’s combined salary for all four films is around 26 million USD. In fact, it’s worth noting that the Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence received $1 Million for the first film, The Hunger Ganes, $10 Million for the second, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and $15 Million for the two parts of Mockingjay. 

11. Jennifer Lawrence Wore A Wig For The Mockingjay

So, fans may like to know that even though Jennifer Lawrence wore her natural hair for the first two films, for the third and the final film, Mockingjay p1 and p2, she had to wear a wig. According to the sources, her wigs cost a total of $30,000. 

Jennifer Lawrence Wore A Wig For The Mockingjay

12. The Role of Peeta Mellark Almost Went To Somebody Else 

Well, take note because this is a pretty interesting fact in our list of Hunger Games facts. The heartthrob Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark was a real treat for the audience. Now imagine the series without him being in the role of Peeta Mellark. The world would collapse for many people. According to the reports, the brilliant actor Josh had to compete against actors like Aaron Taylor Johnson, Evan Peters, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, and more for this iconic role. Thankfully, Josh was selected in the end for that role. 

13. Lawrence Needed An Emergency CAT Scan In The First Film

Due to many reasons, the last day of the training for the first film, The Hunger Games, wasn’t really easy for Jennifer Lawrence. So, apparently, the popular star, J-Law injured herself after running into a wall and as a result, she had to get a CAT scan. Jennifer said, “I had to do 10 wall runs, where you run at the wall as hard as you can to get traction. I ran at it and my foot didn’t go up, so I caught the wall with my stomach.” So, Jennifer’s trainer thought that she had burst her speech. 

14. In the Book ‘The Hunger Games’, Peta’s Leg Is Amputated

Let’s take a look at more Hunger Games facts. In any film adaptation from books, you will get different elements. For example, in the Hunger Games books, Peta actually had his leg amputated after the events of the first games. So, that’s why he wore a prosthetic leg for the rest of the story of Hunger Games. 

Sam & Jennifer Ate Raw Fish

15. Sam & Jennifer Ate Raw Fish

Whilst filming Catching Fire, Sam Caflin and Jennifer Lawrence had to eat raw fish. What’s worse, it wasn’t like Sushi raw fish. It’s worth noting that Jennifer is not a huge fan of eating fish. Therefore, the fact that she ate raw fish speaks a lot about her commitment to her work. 


So, as we can see, there are plenty of Hunger Games facts to know. Apart from the ones we mentioned, there are a lot of other facts as well. 

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