6 Reasons To Try Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is booming and is now legal in 20 + US states! It is estimated that 19% of Americans bet on sports, and that number is only set to rise as more states legalize online betting and more sports fans discover the benefits of placing wagers. Check out the top reasons why you should try online sports betting now!

1. Convenience

Don’t live near a casino or sportsbook? Thanks to online sports betting, it doesn’t matter! As long as you have a phone you have a sportsbook in your pocket 24/7. Many top sportsbooks like GG Bet have fully mobile-optimized sites and dedicated apps so you can effortlessly bet on the go. You might be lounging by the pool and feel the urge to bet on the Lakers to beat the Heat, or during an intense workout at the gym, you might open your sports betting app and wager on the Kansas Chiefs to win the Super Bowl!

2. Live Streaming

Can’t find where to watch that boxing fight, or no channel is showing EPL games? Then simply sign up to an online sportsbook and live stream the biggest sporting events from around the world. These streams are in HD with amazing commentary and are typically free, especially if you have deposited. You will never have to go scrolling through the channels again, just fire up your sportsbook account and experience thousands of sporting events every week!

3. Enhanced Viewing Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if all sports matches were exciting and filled with action? Well, you can instantly turn even the most boring game into a must-watch event by simply placing some money on the game. There is no way you are going to switch the NBA game off at half-time if you have $100 on the Boston Celtics to beat the Washington Wizards. You are going to be on the edge of your seat the whole game in anticipation of hitting a big win!

4. Amazing Bonuses and Promotions

In the past, bonuses were reserved for serious high rollers who would drop thousands of dollars on a single game. However, at online sportsbooks, you get access to incredible bonuses no matter your bankroll size. For example, Colorado sports betting promos can net you nearly $5k in bonuses right now. Some of the best bonuses include:
Cashback – With cashback, you get some of your losses returned. For example, if you get unlucky and lose $200 with 20% cashback, you will receive $40 back!
Profit boosts – If your bet is a winner, the sportsbook will sometimes apply a profit boost. For example, if you won $100, they may add an extra $30 to your win, which you can cash out instantly!
Bonus cash – When you make a deposit, the sportsbook will often add extra bonus cash to your account. You can use this cash to increase your stake size and winnings!
Free bets – A sportsbook may give you a $10 free bet on any NFL game of your choice, and you get to keep whatever you win!

5. Access to Stats and Data

Online sportsbooks typically provide a wealth of statistics and data to help you make informed betting choices. You can analyze team/player performance, head-to-head records, injury reports, and other relevant information to increase your chances of making successful bets. If you are a serious sports fan, it is great fun to pour through all of these different stats. And if you use them correctly, you will be picking winners in no time!

6. Variety of Sports and Markets

You will never get bored betting on sports online. At top sportsbooks, you can bet on 30 + sports, including MMA, boxing, tennis, motorsport, basketball, football, soccer, cricket and virtually everything you can think of. There are thousands of live sporting events every single week, so no matter the time or day, you can log in and find amazing action. You also have a wide selection of bet types, including:

  • Moneylines – Predict which team is going to win.
  • Spreads – Predict which team is going to win while factoring in the points handicap.
  • Parlays – Combine multiple bets into one bet slip and chase huge potential wins.
  • Over/Unders – Guess whether a particular match stat is going to be under or over the sportsbook’s line.

Final Thoughts

If you want to win some extra cash while instantly enhancing your sports viewing experience, then try out online sports betting today. You can start with as little as $5 and bet on 30 + sports and thousands of events from all over the world, including every game from the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL. You can even live stream sports in HD.

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