Clytie Lane, Wife of the Sctor Nicholas King Nolte Biography

clytie lane

To begin with, Clytie Lane is an actress. Even more, she is a British actress famous for her role in a movie. Furthermore, the actress was part of a movie called Coffee date. The coffee date was an independent movie. Apart from an actor, Clytie is famous as the wife of a celebrity.

Clytie Lane : Bio-Wikis

✔Real Name Clytie Lane
✔Birthday Unknown
✔Birthplace United Kingdom
✔Zodiac Sign unknown
✔Nationality British
✔Ethnicity White
✔Profession Actress
✔Dating/Boyfriend No
✔Married/Husband Nicholas King Nolte
✔Net Worth Under review
✔Parents Not Disclosed

Read through the article to learn more about Clytie Lane. The article will include answers to the following questions:

  • Who is Clytie Lane?
  • When and where was Clytie Lane born?
  • What does she do for a living?
  • Who is Clytie married to?
  • What does Clytie husband do for a living?
  • Does the couple have any children?
  • What is the net worth of the couple?

Who is Clytie Lane?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Clytie Lane is an actress. Even more, Clytie is a British actress. But in the initial days of her career, she was a model. Later on, she played a role in an independent movie. The name of the movie is the Coffee date. Also, Stewart Wade is the director of the movie. However, her popularity in America is through her husband. Furthermore, Clytie Lane is the wife of Nicholas Nolte.

When and where was Clytie Lane born?

In the first place, Clytie was born into a family called Lane. Even more, her birth took place in the United Kingdom. Also, Clytie Lane spent most of her childhood in the UK. Furthermore, growing up she spends most of her time with her family. However, there is no information on the exact date of the actress. Yet, her age is estimated to be in the fifties as of 2021.

Does Clytie Lane have an online profile?

Clytie Lane is popular as the wife of a celebrity. Her husband is an actor in America. Even more, her husband name is Nicholas Nolte. However, Clytie is a private person. Even more, she has little online presences. Also, she has no disclosed any information about her family or parents. Furthermore, Clytie doesn’t share much on social media including Instagram.

Who is Clytie Lane husband?

As stated repeatedly in the article, Clytie Lane is the wife of Nicholas Nolte. Even more, Nicholas Nolte is a famous actor in America. In addition to being an actor, Nicholas is also a producer and a model. Furthermore, the birth of the actor took place in the year 1941. Even more, his full date of birth is February 8, 1941. As per his date of birth, Nicholas is currently eight years old.

Even more, Nicholas was born in Omaha in Nebraska, USA. His father, Franklin Nolte, was a farmer. On her other hand, his mother, Helen, was an antique dealer. Furthermore, Nicholas was very good at sports. In college, he played football and basketball. However, his poor grades ended his education college life. But soon, Nicholas developed an interest in theatre and made a career out of it.

What does Nicholas Nolte do for a living?

Nicholas Nolte is an actor in the United States of America. Even more, he is a producer and a former model. In his career as an actor, Nicholas was very famous. Furthermore, Nicholas was part of both television and movies.

He began his career as a model. Even more, for about ten years he worked as a model in America. Later on, he moved to act as his career. Further, Nicholas first role was in a television series. The name of the show is the wonderful world of colours. After this, he appeared in a movie in 1972. Even more, the movie was titled Dirty little Billy.

Some of the famous works of Nicholas Nolte are as follow:

  • 48 hours in 1982
  • The Thin Red Line in 1998
  • The good thief in 2002
  • Hulk in 2003
  • A walk in the woods in 2015
  • And finally, Angel has fallen in 2019.

A note on the relationship of Clytie Lane and Nicholas Nolte

In the first place, the couple Nicholas and Clytie Lane is happily married. Even more, they met each other for the first time in 2003. Soon, the couple began dating each other. Furthermore, Nicholas and Clytie were in a relationship for nearly thirteen years. Later on, in the year 2016, they got married. Further, the exact date of their marriage is 8th September 2016.

After four years of marriage, the couple gave birth to a daughter. Even more, her name is Sophie. Further, Sophie Nolte was born on 3rd October 2007. Apart from Sophie, Nicholas also has a son named Brawley.

What is the net worth of the couple?                                                                           

The net worth of Clytie Lane estimation is around 500 thousand dollars. However, her husband Nicholas Nolte net worth estimation is around seventy-five Million dollars.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Clytie Lane is a British actress living in America. Even more, she is the wife of Nicholas Nolte. Further, Nicholas Nolte is a famous actor and producer in America. Lastly, the couple has a daughter named Sophia born in 2007.

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