Earthquakes In Turkey: Thousands Dead, Several Buildings Destroyed

Earthquakes In Turkey
Credit: Los angeles times

A series of earthquakes has ravaged Turkey. Thousands of people have lost their lives. Many more have suffered injuries. Thus it has left communities shattered. The scope of impact is more than the nation of Turkey. Hence we find regions like Syria impacted as well.

In this article, we shall explore some of the latest findings of the disaster. Therefore, read on to know more.

Horrified earthquake of the century

The disaster is labelled as the greatest earthquake of the century. Turkey is no stranger to earthquakes. It has seen a huge one striking back in the year 1999. Close to 40000 people died back then. 

This time the disaster had a huge base of impact. We find nations like Syria impacted as well. Thus there is a wide base of disaster scope to reckon with here. Let us find out about the impact of the disaster.

Impact of the earthquakes

Since the earthquake and its aftershocks have been huge, the impact is significant as well. First, let us talk a bit about the number of people impacted. Over 8300 people are confirmed to have died till our latest findings. Thus this is already a huge number to reckon with. But that is not the whole story.

Organizations like the WHO is predicting that the real death toll can increase many times this number. Therefore, the complete picture of the number of dead is just beginning to emerge. This is because many people are still trapped. Hence it is impossible to say how many people are collectively dead here.

The range of injuries is even more. Collectively tens of thousands of people have been injured heavily due to this disaster. Hence we find suffering on a mass scale to reckon with here. The social landscape is reeling through an immense crisis currently.

 Thousands of buildings have already been shattered. Many more have suffered partial damages. Several schools, hospitals, and many other social institutions are reeling under this burden. Therefore the range of impact in terms of infrastructure is genuinely wide.

Impact of the earthquakes

Impacting other nations

As we said earlier, nations like Syria are impacted as well. Syria is already going through a huge refugee crisis to reckon with. Millions of people were displaced already. Thus we find that the earthquakes and aftershocks further worsened the condition of these refugees. 

State of emergency

The authorities are planning to declare a state of emergency for a few months. Such a step is very necessary in this case to deal with a disaster of such a magnitude. Moreover, the ripple effects of the disaster are much more than the official death tolls and destruction. You see, the lives of millions of people have been directly or indirectly impacted by this. Hence it will take a long time to get over this.

State of emergency
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Global responses

Globally many nations have emerged to provide help to the nation. They are sending rations, medical kits, and so on. International aid organizations are planning their strategies accordingly. Thus a collective helping hand is extended to the nation in times of such grave crisis.

Historical building collapses

Turkey is a nation of historical buildings at large. It was once a cradle of civilization to reckon with. Hence it is tragic to see so many relics crumbling at the same time. We shall in conclusion provide you with some pictures to give you better insight into this.

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