Alaia Baldwin Is All Set To Be The Next Big Name

Alaia Baldwin

Alaia Baldwin, the older sister of model and TV personality Hailey Baldwin, is carving out her own path in the fashion industry. While her younger sister has become a household name in the modeling world, Alaia is making a name for herself as a designer and stylist. Here comes another celebrity pair in the world of glamor and entertainment. We had Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Then came Gigi and Bella Hadid. And now we have the Baldwin sisters ready to go. 

Runs in the Genes

In a recent interview with Glamour, Alaia discussed her love of fashion and how she got started in the industry. She revealed that she always had a passion for fashion and styling and that she was inspired by her mother, who worked in the fashion industry when Alaia was growing up. The 22-year-old recently joined the modeling agency State Management. The agency is famous for representing young girls with strong looks and personalities. 

After graduating from college, Alaia moved to New York City and began working as a stylist. She quickly made a name for herself in the industry, working with high-profile clients and fashion publications. And we guarantee her looks played a prominent part in that department. Alaia’s freshly trimmed brunette hair and kohl-lined eyes make her look like a demure, seductive diva. 

Runs in the Genes

Baby Steps

Despite her success as a stylist, Alaia always knew that she wanted to design her own clothing line. In 2019, she launched her first collection, a line of sustainable clothing made from recycled materials. The two sisters could not be more different from each other. Hailey is much younger than Alaia but is often mistaken as the elder sibling. One is bubbly and energetic while the other is quiet, calm, and reserved. To each her own, we say. 

Since then, Alaia has continued to grow her brand and expand her reach in the fashion industry. She has worked on a variety of projects, including collaborations with other designers and brands. Furthermore, Alaia is quite fond of participating in edgy photo shoots. Her followers claim she looks rather gorgeous in the gothic outfit and looks. And we have to admit, Alaia does resemble one of those hot goth chicks from some soft cosplay event. 

Baby Steps

The Next Big Thing

While Alaia’s career is still in its early stages, she is already making a name for herself as a talented designer and stylist. She is passionate about sustainability and ethical fashion, and she hopes to inspire others to make more conscious choices when it comes to clothing and fashion. We guess having a famous last name helps a lot in the process. 

Despite her connection to her famous sister Hailey, Alaia is determined to forge her own path in the industry and create a name for herself on her own merits. She is excited about the future of her brand and the possibilities that lie ahead. And judging by her readiness to work hard to take her brand ahead, we have a prediction. It will not be long before Alaia becomes a household name too. 

Alaia Baldwin is a rising star in the fashion industry who is making a name for herself as a designer and stylist. Her passion for fashion and sustainability, as well as her dedication to forging her own path in the industry, make her a unique and inspiring figure in the world of fashion. With her talent and drive, there’s no doubt that Alaia will continue to make waves in the fashion world for years to come.


1. Who is the husband Alaia Baldwin?

Alaia Baldwin’s husband is Andrew Aronow. 

2. What is Alaia Baldwin age?

Alaia Baldwin is 30 years old. 

3. What is Alaia Baldwin net worth?

Her net worth is $20 million. 

4. What is the name of Alaina Baldwin husband?

The name of Alaia Baldwin’s husband is Andrew Aronow. 

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