How does Peppa Pig die in the Alternative Backstory?

How does Peppa Pig die in the alternative backstory?

Peppa Pig is a popular children’s series. But like many children’s series, it also has a dark fan theory where Peppa Pig dies. This storyline is not right for kids as it is really tragic. They may not like to hear about their favourite Peppa dying. But this storyline is making its way to the internet and one could not avoid it. Therefore how does Peppa Pig die in the alternative backstory? Have a look at the fan theory here that will make you feel sad. But do not share it with the kids. 

What was the origin of the alternative backstory? 

In Wattpad, a fan with the name animegeek00 started a series called ‘Time to ruin your childhood!’. The user posts lots of alternative storylines for the children’s series. But the user’s stories are most of the times dark and gloomy. It is not suitable for children however a good topic for adults. Recently he posted a story of Peppa Pig dying in an alternative storyline. The user shared that Peppa is a child who died because of sickness. 

Then she got resurrected into a Pig. The events in the series are all people resurrected as animals according to the Wattpad user. The backstory claimed that Peppa was never a healthy child. She was ill so she spent her life in bed at a hospital. Then one night her parents decided to euthanize her to end her suffering. So that night because of poison she died. Her last dream was to become a fairy because she loved fairies. 

There are also other interpretations. Some continued the story by saying that due to the guilt of euthanizing their child Peppa’s parents committed suicide along with little George. So the whole family joined Peppa in death. 

The fans also shared the alternate backstory for Peppa’s grandmother. They shared that grandma is a Schizophrenic. She imagines her beloved family in an alternative world living happily as in the series because of her disease. After that, because of her disease, she also dies. 

The viewer’s then created a backstory for Suzy Sheep. They shared that she died because of an accident. Her mother also dies of a drug overdose and joins her in death after that. 

Similarly, the fans imagined backstories for many other characters in Peppa Pig. The viewer’s think that Suzy and Mr Zebra are not on the screen together because he is the one who ran Suzy over in his truck. Also, they shared that Pedro died because of bullies. That is why in the series he does not have any friends. 

Will Peppa Pig die in the series? 

Peppa Pig animated series is an enjoyable and funny series for pre-schoolers. So the themes about death and tragedy are not part of the series. They are not suitable for children. 

The series is about Peppa Pig die and her loving family who experience lots of adventures together. Peppa pig is a little kid who learns about many things in life. The series revolves around the everyday activities of Peppa with her friends like swimming, studying, attending playgroups and more. Moreover, we get to see Peppa’s other family members too like her grandparents and cousins. The Pigs and other animals in the series live in homes and act like humans which are fun to watch. 

What controversies did Peppa Pig create? 

The Peppa Pig is famous in many countries other than the UK. But in China due to its popularity, some people used Peppa Pig to create adult content. This created a lot of controversies and parents became concerned in China. The character of Peppa got used as a mobster icon and for adult content in social media platforms like TikTok in China. 

Some of the Peppa Pig based adult humoured memes and jokes became viral. But still, the series is famous in China as two Peppa Pig theme parks are going to open in Beijing and Shanghai. A special Peppa Pig die movie released in China and it made a lot of money. So there is a huge fan following for the series. 


Peppa Pig has become one of the famous children’s series in the world. But due to many reasons, it led to controversies and dark fan theories. 

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