Is There A Direct Relation Between Heartburn In Pregnancy And Baby Hair?

Heartburn In Pregnancy And Baby Hair

Of course, heartburn and pregnancy go hand in hand. So, if you experience frequent heartburn during your pregnancy, then you can be sure that it is quite normal. But, many believe that this is a sure sign that the baby will have a lot of hair on its body. Furthermore, many believe that such hair is the main cause of such heartburns. However, many say that there is a relationship between the 2 phenomena. So, if you are also wondering whether it’s true or not, then you will find your answer right below.

Reasons why you have heartburns when you are pregnant

  • Hormones of the mother

Well, the first reason for a mother to get frequent heartburns is due to her fluctuating hormones. In fact, her oestrogen and progesterone levels change which relaxes the oesophagus’ sphincter. Of course, this stops the food to come out of the stomach. However, this can give off a burning sensation in the chest.

  • Baby’s size in the womb

As the baby grows inside the womb, the uterus expands to give more space to the baby. But, in the process of expanding, this organ presses against the other surrounding organs. In turn, this affects the smooth digestion process leading to heartburn.

Scientific study on heartburn in pregnancy and baby hair

Till now, you would have realised that there is no direct connection between heartburn in pregnancy and baby hair. However, to make things completely clear, many researchers experimented to find more about this. Well, they found it to be true. In other words, they found that there was some kind of relationship between heartburn and hairy baby.

First, they conducted a study with 64 pregnant women. And, in that group, 28 complained of severe to moderate heartburns. But, 23 among them gave birth to babies with a lot of hair. However, 12 women had no heartburn in that experimental group. Yet, 10 among them had babies without much body hair.

Does this mean that heartburn causes more hair to grow on the baby?

Certainly, the above points may look like there is a direct connection to them. In reality, this is not like a cause and effect situation. Obviously, since the baby is present inside the uterus, there is no way for its hair to touch your stomach. After all, the stomach and the uterus with your baby are two separate parts of the body.

So, the possible explanation for this happening is due to the fluctuating mother’s hormones. As you know, pregnancy is a time when hormones go up and down. And, they affect both the mother’s and baby’s hair growth. Of course, they are also responsible for heartburns.

In the end, the mother’s hormones are the main reason for this. Well, that means you don’t have to worry anything about it.

How to deal with pregnancy heartburns?

  1. In tea or warm milk, add ginger or honey and drink it.
  2. Or, you can consume yoghurt.
  3. Also, sleep in a way that your head is a little raised. This will help to manage the pain.
  4. Use prescribed medications for managing it.

Hope this helps you to have a clear idea about the connection between heartburn in pregnancy and baby hair. So, don’t worry too much about this and stay positive for your baby.

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