Trending Hard Mountain Dew Flavors, The Best Sparkling Alcohol Water Right Now

Hard Mountain Dew

Boston Beer Company has introduced the new alcoholic hard Mountain Dew flavors with PepsiCo. It combines booze and Mountain Dew to create a “flavored malt beverage.” The three exquisite flavors are regular Mountain Dew, Black Cherry, Baja Blast and Watermelon. It is low in sugar and has both natural & artificial flavors. 

As the tastes and preferences of adults in hard seltzers are ever-changing, they are always looking for new flavors in their drinks. So the company wants to create amazing flavors for their customers, which they will find exciting. 

Boston Beer will create and produce the new Mountain Dew flavors. PepsiCo has signed the deal to sell and merchandise the product. Therefore you can try these Hard Mountain Dew flavors now. 

About Boston Beer Company 

Boston Beer Company is a well-known brewery from America that started operating in 1984. It is the fourth largest brewer in the world. Over the decades, they have developed and released lots of drinks. The company is famous for its line of all-malt beers known as Samuel Adams. After that, they released their line of hard seltzers in 2016, which became popular. 

About PepsiCo 

PepsiCo is an American multinational corporation known for its food, snack and beverage products. 

It was founded on August 28, 1898, hence one of the oldest brands in the US. But PepsiCo was formed after the merger of Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc. in 1965. The company has possession of more than twenty-three brands. Most well known is its carbonated soft drink Pepsi. 

Four amazing Booze infused flavors in Hard Mountain Dew 

If you are twenty-one or older, explore these Hard Mountain Dew options. Each flavor is carefully concocted to make you feel happy. 

  • Hard Mountain Dew Original

This Hard Mountain Dew has a lemon-lime flavor that the original Mountain Dew had. It was launched in Iowa, Tennessee, and Florida in February 2022. The mix of Booze is a bonus, for it has 5% alcohol. You may not taste lots of sweetness, but the drink has some artificial sweetness. 

  • Hard Mountain Dew Watermelon

The watermelon flavor from Hard Mountain Dew has the sweet smell of candy. But it does not have excess sweetness. It has the perfect blend of fruity flavor and alcohol. So it is a great drink for the hot weather. It’s more refreshing to drink than all the other flavors. 

  • Hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast

If you love the original Baja Blast flavor from Mountain Dew, you can try the same from the Hard Mountain Dew variety. Its taste is exhilarating. There is balance in the sweetness and the zest of soda. Plus, some drinkers felt the coconut aftertaste. 

  • Hard Mountain Dew Black Cherry

If you love fruity-flavored drinks, the Black Cherry is the one for you. It has a sweet candy scent. Black Cherry can make any drink pop, and Boston Beer knows how to blend it into its drinks perfectly. In this drink, the fruit flavor is more dominant than in watermelon Hard Mountain Dew. 

Where To Buy Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer

If you want to find the Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Where To Buy near you, ask your retailer if they are selling it. It is available in many states, such as Florida, Las Vegas, Tennessee, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Nevada and more. 

Manu retailers are selling the 12-packs of Hard Mountain Dew for $18.99. But Walmart is offering the same for $15.98. 

End thoughts 

Hard Mountain Dew is an alcohol-infused line of drinks from Boston Company that you can enjoy. It contains no added sugar, zero caffeine, 2.2g of total carbs, 5% alcohol and 100 calories per 12 oz. serving. 

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