Crucial Components & Features Of Gaming PC 8Pack OrionX

Gaming PC 8Pack OrionX

Some people may look for the expensive gaming set up in their homes. For such people, there is a great surprise with the arrival of 8Pack OrionX. It is the world’s expensive gaming PC which costs around $41,519.96. 

In this article, let us discuss this gaming PC’s features in detail. Read through the article to get more information about this expensive gaming PC.

A Review for Most expensive Gaming PC 8Pack OrionX


Inside the gaming PC, every part looks fantastic with its lightning and fan grills. With the customized coolants, the inside of the PC always stays cool. The cost of Intel i7-6950x alone is $1,365. So, the coolants themselves cost much high, as it is customized.

On the other hand, four graphics cards present inside the PC cost $4,400. Then left-over components are 

  • 16 TB of HHD storage
  • 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD

All the components inside the PC are staying cool with the help of twenty-six fans. In addition to that, a customized liquid cooling setup is also present to cool the system.

Then, other accessories that are coming with this expensive gaming PC setup including

  • Three 27-inch 1080p monitors
  • Wireless headphones
  • Keyboard
  • Gaming mouse
  • 4 TB external drive


One of the best show stoppers in this gaming PC is the cooling system. It is unique and customized especially for the OrionX. Since the 10 core CPU will get heat up quickly, this customized cooling system is used in OrionX. Almost, it has two radiators in this 10 core CPU itself to stay cool always.

Gaming PC

The next one is the excellent graphics cards. All gaming PCs are just incomplete without a proper graphics card. The creator of this PC also gave much importance to the design of the graphics card. Thus, they are not like traditional gaming PCs, but they are unique with four Nvidia Titan X Pascal graphics cards. All such cards are spread all over the systems of gaming PC.

Nvidia Titan X Pascal is the high-quality graphics card on the market. It is the most wanted type and in a single card, there will be 12 GB of video RAM. There is a limit that the company needs to sell limited graphics cards to customers. So, an individual can only buy two graphics cards. When you consider that, the point is the OrionX has four graphics cards.

The 8Pack OrionX is an expensive gaming PC that has two systems in a single package unit. So, here the primary system needs to take care of the computational operations. Hence, the secondary system needs to take care of the gaming crowd. Thus, there is no need to get surprised that OrionX is the most expensive gaming PC in the world.


Thus, only a few rich people can buy this classic model. However, you can just go through this expensive gaming PC and check its details. This will bring you great pleasure. 

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