Tory Lanez Height, Megan Thee Stallion, Age, Net Worth & Life Story

Tory Lanez

To begin with, Tory Lanez is a Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter. Even more, the full name of the rapper Tory is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson. Apart from being a singer, Tory is also a record producer.

Read through the article to find out the answers to questions like who is Tory? What does he do for a living? What is the net worth of the rapper? Who is he in a relationship with? 

Who is Tory Lanez? 

As mentioned before, Tory Lanez is a singer and rapper in Canada. Even more, he is popular for his mixtape Lost cause. Furthermore, other famous works of the singer and rapper Troy is a studio album I told you. Also, Say It and Luv of Tory is also popular works of the rapper. 

Further, Tory won awards for his work. Tory won a Grammy award for his song Luv. Even more, Tory has also won four Juno awards.

✔ Tory Lanez Biography, Facts & Life Story

✔ Full Name Daystar Peterson
✔ Birthday July 27, 1992
✔ Birthplace Brampton, Canada
✔ Zodiac Sign Leo
✔ Nationality Canadian
✔ Height 5’3″ feet
✔ Profession Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer
✔ Parents Sonstar Peterson, Luella Peterson
✔ Dating/Spouse Megan Thee Stallion
✔ TV shows One Umbrella; Universal; Mad Love; Interscope; Time is Money
✔ Kids/Children Audio Science Clayton, Mortimer Sossamon
✔ Age 28 years old as of 2021
✔ Net Worth $2 Million

 A note on life facts of Tory Lanez 

  • The birth of the rapper and singer Tory 

In the first place, the birth of Tory took place in the year 1992. Even more, the full date of birth of the singer and rapper is July 27, 1992. Tory was born in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. As per his date of birth, Tory is currently twenty-eight years old. Furthermore, Tory comes from a big family hailing from Canada. Tory grew up with three siblings.

  • Family life of Tory Lanez 

Coming to his parents, Tory is the son of Sonstar and Luella from Canada. Tough the birth of Tory took place in Canada, the family moved to Miami. In Miami, Florida, United States of America, Tory lived with his parents. However, after the death of Troy, mother, Luella, he moved to Canada. At the age of fifteen, the singer and rapper began living alone. Even more, Tory had a tough childhood life and had to move a lot. 

  • Education life of Tory

Tory Lanez education life is not a fruitful one. Even more, he went to three different schools in America. As his father was a minister, they moved a lot. However, Tory did not even complete tenth grade.

What does Tory do for a living? 

As mentioned before, Tory Lanez is a singer, rapper and songwriter. He began his career by releasing his debut album ‘T.L 2 T.O’. In the album the performance of Tory was outstanding. In addition to this album, Tory also produced music videos and posted them on YouTube. Later on, Tory and Sean Kingston met at a party and the latter was given a deal. 

Further, Tory had an opportunity to perform live during a show. Also, to live shows, Tory mixtape is very famous. Some of the popular mix tapes of Tory are just landed, one verse one horse and playing for keeps. After the success of the rapper mixtape, Tory won a deal with record label TME.

Later on, he began a series called Fargo Friday, releasing singles every Friday. Over the years, the success of Tory in the music industry is immeasurable. 

Is Tory Lanez married? 

No, the marriage of rapper and singer Tory Lanez did not take place. Though he was in a three-year relationship with Trina, he is single now. 

How Tall or Height is Tory Lanez?

Tory Lanez Height : Tory Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, stands at only 5 feet 3 inches, as stated on his arrest report.

What is the net worth of the rapper and singer? 

The net worth of Tory Lanez estimation is around two million dollars. He makes most of his money from a successful music career. 

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, Tory Lanez is an outstanding rapper and singer. He is a huge name in the music industry with successful mix tapes and singles.

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