How to bag an MBA at Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Every MBA aspirant dreams of going into Harvard Business School (HBS) as it offers one of the most reputed MBA Programs. However, getting admission in Harvard is not as easy as it seems. In this article, you get to know about the 4 simple steps that can help you secure your candidature at the most prestigious MBA College.

Start researching the program details at least one year prior to applying for the program. The median GMAT score of 730 is accepted by Harvard. You will be needing both internal and external research. Go through the HBS website, connect with Harvard alumni on LinkedIn.

From the Harvard website, research about program curriculum, culture, alumni, and diversity. Do any online course if you feel to upgrade your skills to adapt well to the Harvard environment. Connect with alumni to know about what are the growth prospects that the school offers. Learn about how to adapt to diversity and which clubs to join.

  • Think from the Admission Committee Perspective 

To get selected into HBS, you have to display your unique skills. Highlighting your strengths and identifying the gaps in your skills and providing evidence that you are working on them. Understand the things the admission committee wants, and weigh in all the factors to know where you stand and which gap you need to bridge. Keep in mind that the admission committee needs to consider millions of applications so your application needs to stand out.

  • Take Online Courses

As mentioned earlier, take as many online-related courses as possible to polish your basics concepts. There are many online course platforms such as Coursera from where you can acquire new learnings and clear your basic concepts on some subjects. For example, you want to apply for a Masters in Business Administration program in HBS but you lacked the basics of any related domain such as management or accounting. Then, you may want to polish or gain that knowledge to score well in academics from the beginning. Hence, it is advisable to bridge some basic gaps in your learnings with the help of online courses.

  • Aim for a Good GMAT Score

Your GMAT score consists of 22% weightage to your profile. So prepare a good study plan and devote complete dedication. The HBS demands an average of 750+ GMAT score. Though, apart from a good GMAT score, your holistic profile also matters. A holistic profile means you should have a good experience of

  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Work Experience
  • Social Work/NGO
  • Impactful Essays, LORs, and Resume

Though, start preparing for your GMAT as early as possible because if your score is below 700 then a retake is a must for you. Also, for GRE, you need to maintain an average score of 331+ to increase your chances of admission along with the addition of a superb application.

Also, as you are applying for an MBA program, you need to understand that it will include a centered curriculum around case studies and other practical experiences. The classroom lectures would give you diverse experiences and hence, it is mandatory that you have at least 3 years of work experience to complement and contribute to the academic culture at Harvard. Mainly, if you have worked in the big four companies then it will add a cherry to your cake because Harvard has been notorious to admit students who have gained experience from big companies.

In all, you should never get discouraged by the achievements of other Harvard graduates because if you have an extra zing and a unique story about your past experiences to stand out among the other applicants then surely you stand a chance to bag an admit to the Harvard Business School. Read Also : What To Know More About MBA Degree?