Gaming Computers (8Pack OrionX2) – Heart Of The Most Expensive Gaming PC

Most Expensive Gaming PC

If you are looking for the world’s most expensive gaming PC, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the same gaming PC. It is none other than 8Pack OrionX2 which is the most expensive gaming PC in the world as of now. 

Read through the article to know more about Most Expensive gaming PC. In this article, we will mainly discuss its CPU and its features.

Most Expensive PC – 8Pack OrionX2:



The primary system of this gaming PC has an LGA2066 socket ASUS ROG Rampage 6. This ASUS comes with an excellent VRM section of up to four M.2 drives. Thus, it all provides the best audio sections with an excellent networking feature. Coming to an integral part of the system, it is none other than the eight DIMM slots.


The OrionX is made up of two diverse systems. But such systems are arranged in a custom Phanteks Enthoo Elite 8Pack. So, here the main system aims to finish its task while the secondary system works parallel for simultaneous tasks.


Here the LGA2066 socket has the main processor which is Intel’s Core i9-10980XE processor. This core processor is a 36-thread and 18-core processor. Intel has created this processor for the most advanced scenarios. Also, this CPU is the most expensive 10th generation CPU from Intel.

This core processor comes with 24.75MB and the wonderful thing about this processor is the excellent frequencies. One can’t believe such frequencies and here the base clock frequency is up to 3 GHz. While the maximum turbo frequency is up to 4.6GHz. Additionally, in the OrionX2, 8Pack, this frequency becomes the minimum. Thus, this CPU’s performance is great without any stability issues.

How Does The Chip Stays Cool?

Now, the question arises how does the CPU works great and stays cool always. The answer is the custom cooling solution. They are made up of

  • Three Independent Loops
  • Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Compound

Here the loop components involve the top brands in the market. They are

  • EKWB
  • Aqua Computer
  • Mayhem

Inside the case of the CPU, it has integrated reservoirs. Here the highlight is the shape of the reservoir like an 8Pack logo. These involve the custom works too, which are the acrylic plates that you will find outside in the shops. Such acrylic plates are customized by researchers and manufacturers. So, the output is the system stays cool but at the same time looks good.

Thus, when you compare OrionX and OrionX2, both the systems are working great. But the primary system in OrionX2, which is E-ATX, works much better on this PC. Therefore, the primary system both in OrionX and OrionX2 serves as the real powerhouse of the system. 


If you are looking to buy an Most Expensive PC, then you have two choices. Thus, either you can go for the OrionX or the OrionX2 PC to get the most wonderful gaming experience.

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