What To Consider Before Hiring A Luxury Caravan?

What To Consider Before Hiring A Luxury Caravan

While hiring a luxury caravan the first one should consider is the layout inside the car. One should go through the entire detail of the car layout as missing one detail can make you upset throughout the whole journey. The most important things are the number and type of beds, which depends on the number of family members traveling with you. A caravan should have small windows to get ample sunlight during the day, a convertible dining area, and lots of storage spaces to store goods; it may be your luggage or food items.

Apart from the above necessary features of any caravan, it is important to have the following features for a luxury caravan hire:


Beds are the priority of the luxury caravan so it is important to check different kind of layouts of the beds. Few layouts are also found with the single beds and no bunks that can be comfortable for your kids but in such cases the luxury caravan hire has to be larger as compared to the bunk beds. You can opt for a suitable double bed layout that can give luxurious and homely feeling along with separation from the other sections.

Extra space

A luxury caravan should have some extra space, and the layout of the caravan can provide space for sofas, extra chairs, and pet’s areas. If required, the extra space can be utilized for various purposes apart from making it a sitting area. You can accommodate an extra bed or else the extra space can be used for watching movies with cups of coffee in the evening after the sports and games are over, along with enjoying the breeze of the sea.

The inflatable sofa can be easily placed and removed whenever required or a table for reading books can also be placed.

Caravans Melbourne
Caravans Melbourne


While traveling large distances it is important to have a luxurious kitchen, therefore the utilities of the kitchen should be checked beforehand. In the luxury caravan hire, the procedure involves looking into proper hob, grill and also the microwave oven. There should be sufficient sockets in the kitchen so that electrical appliances can be used easily. This in turn can save a lot of gas in the long run while you are traveling.

If you take a caravan on hire, rest assured that you will require minimum utilities from home and the utensils required should be well provided by the services.

Water And Toilet

Though sufficient water is present in the caravan but there are high chances of running out of the water so it is important to carry a water roller and a wastewater container. Do check for the alarm inside the toilet as it will alert you when it smells. In addition, there are taps that provide running water. The toilet should be spacious enough that a person can take a bath and use the toilet comfortably.

Generally, showers and washing of clothes are carried out in the tent but if you do not have such an option then you will have to use the water of caravan and you may run out of stored water. So, it is necessary to carry a water roller with you after hiring a luxury caravan.

Caravans Melbourne
Caravans Melbourne

Electrics And Gases

The living space should have power points for charging your mobile or running an electric heater. Gases can also be carried to make a night party for barbeque or bonfire.

Above all in a luxury caravan look for the outside shower, which should be placed for washing of dirty and muddy shoes and hands. These are the vital features of the luxury caravan, but you should also look into the designs of the caravan apart from the features to enjoy a luxurious ambiance of the caravan.