4 Ways That You Can Work With Your New York Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Accident Attorney

Being injured in a bus accident was not what you had planned for the day. Even so, you ended up needing medical treatment and will require some time to recover. In the meantime, you’ve contacted a New York bus accident attorney who has agreed to take the case. What can you do to support the attorney’s efforts? Here are a few suggestions to consider. 


Provide as Many Details as Possible


When it comes to describing what was happening prior to, during, and after the accident, don’t leave out anything. That includes minor details that you don’t think make any difference at all. Your goal is to tell all and allow the attorney to decide what’s relevant and what has no bearing on the case. 


It’s not unusual for some minor detail to mean nothing to the injured party, but it turns out to be something that captures the attorney’s attention. That’s because the detail in some way, strengthens the client’s case. For this reason alone, it’s worth recalling and sharing everything that you possibly can. 


Allow Your Attorney Access to All Medical Records


You had medical treatment after the accident and will continue to receive care for some time. Every aspect of those treatments should be available to your legal counsel. The most practical solution is to authorize access to every medical practitioner who is treating you. 


This includes any physical therapists, temporary caregivers obtained through an agency, and any specialists that you may see. The goal is to ensure that your attorney has an accurate idea of what sort of medical help is needed as a result of the accident. 


Don’t Discuss The Case Specifics With Anyone Else


While you want to be as forthcoming with your New York bus accident attorney as possible, the same is not true for anyone else. In fact, you want to say as little about the particulars of the accident and your ongoing medical care as possible. This is because what others hear and possibly convey could be twisted in a way that you never intended. 


Keep all answers to questions about the accident and your recovery as vague as possible. Once the case is settled, there will be plenty of time to tell loved ones more of what transpired. 


Follow the Attorney’s Advice to The Letter


Your legal counsel is likely to provide other forms of advice during the initial consultation and as the case progresses. You would do well to follow all of it to the letter. That’s because your legal counsel has more experience with this type of situation than you. 


Following that advice is likely to keep things simpler and make pursuing the case less complex. For example, if the responsible party makes any attempts to interact with you, do not engage. Refer the matter to your attorney, who will take care of all communications. 


Remember that your legal counsel is invested in protecting your interest in every legal way possible. Your cooperation will go a long way toward ensuring that you have the best chance of negotiating a settlement or being awarded a judgment if the case goes to court. 


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